Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters: How To Get More Servitors

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Outside of combat, Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters has you commanding the repair and navigation of the Baleful Edict – a legendary Grey Knight Strike Cruiser. Whilst damaged in your last campaign, the Baleful Edict is still a mighty Astartes vessel capable of great (and terrible) things.

Whether it is launching Exterminatus torpedoes, traveling through the warp, or duking it out with Plague Hulks, the Baleful Edit has your back. That is, of course, providing you have its back too. If you want your ship operating at peak efficiency, you are going to need to perform some repairs and to do that, you need Servitors.

What Are Servitors

Servitors in the 41st Millenium are lobotomized cyborgs who are functionally expendable slaves for the Adeptus Mechanicum. Their lives are as long or as short as their owners deem them to be, they are barely considered living beings, and despite being blessed by the Omnissiah – sort of – they are nothing but drones.

Life is pain for a Servitor – although it’s doubtful they have any pain receptors left. Heck, they likely lack the brain function to process pain. It’s a sad life, but nobody said Humanity were the good guys. In Chaos Gate, Servitors, like in reality, are an expendable resource you can use to upgrade your ship and repair battle damage.

They are invaluable for completing the game and are as important as Bloom Seeds, Grimoires, and Requisition. If you don’t have Servitors, you simply don’t have as many options when it comes to purging Nurgle’s corruption.

How To Get Servitors

Servitors act primarily as mission rewards, similar to the aforementioned Grimoires. You typically get 10+ Servitors for any mission that rewards them, and that is more than enough to perform a repair or two.

Not all missions award them, so you will have to weigh up whether doing a Servitor mission is worthwhile, when compared to the half-dozen other missions that will likely sprout at the same time. Chaos Gate forces you to make difficult decisions constantly, and you may have to go without Servitors if another mission is handing out a specific Seed, or granting a specific Armory reward.

How To Get More Servitors

You can get more Servitors by spending Servitors on the Baleful Edict. There is a line of upgrades that grants +1 Servitor every 10 days called Augmentation Chamber. This can be further upgraded to provide more Servitors, and this gives you much more freedom when exploring the galaxy.

The game can take hundreds of days (in-game) to complete, so getting these upgrades early can really pay off in the long run.

Losing Servitors

You will lose Servitors every time you perform an upgrade, they are expendable after all. But that isn’t the only way Servitors can be lost. Over the course of the game, various events will take place that will force you, as the Commander of the Baleful Edict, to make some difficult decisions.

Maybe the Servitors have been corrupted, maybe you want to trade Servitors for a more favorable position on a Mechanicus Forge World. Whatever the case may be, you may be required to sacrifice Servitors for the greater good – not to be mistaken for The Greater Good of course.

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