Warframe’s Greatest Bug Turns You Into A Skull-Faced Corncob

The greatest bug Warframe has ever seen turns you into a corncob with a skull for a face. No, really.

Heart of Deimos added a ton of new content to Warframe, not the least of which is the third open-world of Deimos. There’s new K-Drives, new mods, new weapons, a whole new Warframe, and of course, the Necramech.

Take one look at the Necramech and you’ll get some huge Warhammer 40K vibes, which is almost certainly intentional. The Necramechs were designed during the Old War as a predecessor to Warframes, and although generally far less capable than Warframes, they’re still a lot of fun. You got a big machine gun, jump jets, and a crazy mecha claw–what’s not to love?

Necramechs are also customizable once you’ve completed the Heart of Deimos questline and unlocked the Necraloid Syndicate. And, thanks to a bug, you can even make them look like floating cobs of corn with a skull for a face.

As with every big update with Warframe, Heart of Deimos has its fair share of bugs that are already being slowly whittled down thanks to regular hotfixes. One bug that has so far slipped through the cracks is this highly unusual visual glitch that seems to eliminate all the customizable elements of the Necramech and leaves you as just a floating, bobbing corncob.

A Necramech’s “core,” apparently, is this bizarre yellow cylinder that has a skull for a face. Everything else just sort of attaches to it, including most of the torso, head, and limbs. Get rid of them all and you’re left with just an ear… of corn.

Warframe players are already loving the Necramech, but this visual bug has started an entirely new breed of Warframe memes celebrating the floating skull-corn. Although some seem to be mistaken about the corn-like nature of the Necramech and think it actually looks like a banana.

Pfft. We don’t talk to those Tenno.

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