Warframe: Hildryn Complete Guide – Drops, Abilities, And Builds

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Warframe brings you to the Origin System, where an endless war between factions occurs across several planets. In the center of this never-ending battle are the Tenno, a group of legendary warriors that specialize in different types of combat by making use of their weapons, abilities, and warframes.

One of the various warframes that you can obtain in your adventures is Hildryn, a shield-based warrior that specializes in protecting herself and others with her defensive abilities, while also hitting hard with her exalted weapon. Here's everything you need to know about her.

How To Craft Hildryn

To craft Hildryn, you have to obtain her Main Blueprint, which you can buy from Little Duck for 5,000 Standing upon reaching the rank of Agent with the faction Vox Solaris, in Fortuna. To obtain the remaining Blueprints, you have to defeat the Exploiter Orb in the Orb Vallis. The materials involved in the crafting of Hildryn's components (such as Thermal Sludge, Gorgaricus Spore, and Mytocardia Spore) are obtainable in that same area.

Hildryn Blueprint

How To Obtain Little Duck, Fortuna – 5000 Standing
Needed Materials
  • 25,000 Credits
  • x1 Hildryn Neuroptics
  • x1 Hildryn Chassis
  • x1 Hildryn Systems
  • x3 Orokin Cell
Crafting Time 72 Hours

Hildryn Chassis

How To Obtain Defeating Exploiter Orb – Orb Vallis, Venus
Needed Materials
  • 15,000 Credits
  • x2 Lazulite Toroid
  • x2 Nitain Extract
  • x90 Thermal Sludge
  • x2300 Rubedo
Crafting Time 12 Hours

Hildryn Neuroptics

How To Obtain Defeating Exploiter Orb – Orb Vallis, Venus
Needed Materials
  • 15,000 Credits
  • x2 Lazulite Toroid
  • x1 Argon Crystal
  • x85 Mytocardia Spore
  • x1600 Circuits
Crafting Time 12 Hours

Hildryn Systems

How To Obtain Defeating Exploiter Orb – Orb Vallis, Venus
Needed Materials
  • 15,000 Credits
  • x2 Lazulite Toroid
  • x2 Tellurium
  • x95 Gorgaricus Spore
  • x1500 Plastids
Crafting Time 12 Hours

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Hildryn Abilities


Hildryn has two Passive abilities:

  • Advanced Shielding Hildryn has no energy, having her shields depleted as the cost of her abilities instead. Overshields will protect Hildryn from damage types that would otherwise bypass shields, and energy orbs will replenish Shields instead.
  • Exalted Weapon – Balefire Chargers During the activation of Balefire and Aegis Storm, Hildryn's Balefire Chargers become available as an exclusive primary weapon that can be modified like any normal weapon in your arsenal.


Balefire Stats Stats per Rank
Cost 50 Shields
Radius 1 / 2 / 2 / 3 Meters of Explosion Radius
Duration N/A
Damage 100 – 200 / 200 – 400 / 350 – 700 / 500 – 1000 Electricity Damage (per bolt)
Strength Duration Efficiency Range
Affects Damage N/A Affects Shield Cost Affects Explosion Radius

The first ability, Balefire, will make use of the Balefire Charger, and activating it will equip this Exalted weapon so you can use it to annihilate your foes. Using it while Aegis Storm is activated will unlock a second Balefire Charger, and if you want to spice things further you can use the Augment Mod Balefire Surge, which allows Hildryn to restore her Shields on direct hits, and giving her the ability to wipe enemy Nullifier Shields.


Note: This ability can be subsumed with the Helminth System.
Pillage Stats Stats per Rank
Cost 150 Shields
Radius 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 Meters of Pulse Radius
Duration 2 Seconds of Expansion Duration
Damage 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% Shield/Armor drained per enemy
Misc 100% Status cleanse on cast
Strength Duration Efficiency Range
Shield/Armor drained per enemy Expansion Duration Affects Shield Cost Pulse Radius

Pillage is the most important ability on Hildryn since it enables you to drain Shields from your enemies, so Hildryn can maintain survivability and regain resources to use her abilities. Furthermore, the Augment Mod Blazing Pillage makes enemies affected by Haven receive Heat damage with a guaranteed proc and restores Shields to Hildryn when hit by Pillage, allowing her to rip apart any kind of enemy, regardless of whether they have Shields or not.


Haven Stats Stats per Rank
Cost 250 Shields
Radius 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 Meters of Link Radius
Duration 50% / 60% / 70% / 80% Shield Recharge rate
Damage 150 / 250 / 300 / 500 Ally Shield capacity bonus
100 / 125 / 150 / 200 Radiation Damage per second
Strength Duration Efficiency Range
Affects Shield Capacity bonus Affects the ally/enemy Shield Drain and Shield Recharge rate Affects Shield Cost and ally/enemy Shield Drain Affects Link Radius

The next ability is Haven, a greatly supportive ability that will protect your linked allies with some extra buff on their Shields, as well as inflict damage to your linked enemies. As stated above and in the build section, when you combine this with the Augment Mod Blazing Pillage you can do a very serious amount of damage while recovering Shields.

Aegis Storm

Aegis Storm Stats Stats per Rank
Cost 100 Shields
Radius 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 Meters of Energy field Max Radius
Duration N/A
Damage 100 / 125 / 150 / 200 Radiation Damage per second
100 / 300 / 400 / 500 Impact Damage on deactivation
Other Effects 8-18 Seconds of Energy Orb drop interval
Strength Duration Efficiency Range
Affects Damage N/A Affects Shield Cost and Shield Drain Affects Range of Effect and Impact Radius

Last, Aegis Storm is an ability that, when it's activated, will give Hildryn the ability to fly up in the air, as well as lift any enemy unit around you, leaving them open to your attacks and making them drop Energy Orbs every few seconds. You instantly activate the Balefire Charger, gaining a second one to successfully obliterate your enemies as they reach your vicinity.

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Best Hildryn Builds

Blazing Pillage Build

Note: This build will display several different Mods, some of which have stronger versions, such as Umbral or Primed mods. For better results, adapt this build to whichever version you have available.
Aura Mod – Corrosive Projection Enemy Armor reduced by 18%
Exilus Mod – Sure Footed +60% Chance to Resist Knockdown
Mod #1 – Blazing Pillage Pillage Augment: Enemies affected by Haven will have 200 Heat Damage inflicted, and restore 50 additional Shields to Hildryn
Mod #2 – Redirection +440% Shield Capacity
Mod #3 – Intensify +30% Ability Strength
Mod #4 – Stretch +45% Range
Mod #5 – Augur Reach +30% Range
Mod #6 – Adaptation When Damaged: +10% Resistance to that Damage Type for 20 seconds. Stacks up to +90%.
Mod #7 – Transient Fortitude +55% Ability Strength
-27.5% Ability Duration
Mod #8 – Blind Rage +99% Ability Strength
-55% Ability Efficiency

The idea behind this build is to allow Hildryn to use Pillage even against enemies without shields. To achieve that, the centerpiece will be the Augment Mod Blazing Pillage, which will inflict Fire damage to any enemy affected by Haven and recover extra Shields each time we use Pillage. This Mod, along with several others that reinforce her Shield Capacity, Resistances, Range, and Strength, will turn Hildryn into a weapon of mass destruction, basically killing everyone on sight whenever you use Pillage, while recovering massive amounts of shields, regardless of the faction they belong to.

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