Warframe: A Complete Guide To The Perigale

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The Lua's Prey update for Warframe introduced a powerful sniper rifle for players to get their hands on. Named the Perigale, this burst-fire sniper rifle dishes out powerful critical hits with great accuracy. And for those who are skilled enough to land headshots, you'll be rewarded with a sniper that has infinite ammo.

Fans of the Knell will feel right at home here, and anyone that enjoys burst weapons will get a kick out of the Perigale. This love child of the Knell and Tiberon is no match for most Warframe content, even Steel Path if you invest a few Forma into the weapon. This guide will cover how to craft the Perigale, explain its unique trait, and we'll showcase the best builds you can use on the Perigale.

How To Craft The Perigale

The Perigale drops from Conjunction Survival nodes on Lua. As of the Lua's Prey update, two nodes contain this game type: Yuvarian and Circulus. The Circulus tile features better drop chances on average but is significantly harder. You'll need a main blueprint, stock, receiver, and barrel to craft this weapon. See our Conjunction Survival guide for exact drop rates.

Perigale components may also be purchased from Archimedean Yonda aboard the Zariman. Each component costs a small sum of Lua Thrax Plasm, a currency that drops from the Thrax enemies in Conjunction Survival. If you opt to obtain the gun from this method, you'll need 250 Lua Thrax Plasm to purchase all four components.

Perigale Crafting Requirements
1 Perigale Barrel 1 Perigale Receiver
1 Perigale Stock 50 Lua Thrax Plasm
Credit Cost: 20,000 Build Time: 24 Hours

Where To Get Lua Thrax Plasm

Lua Thrax Plasm is a currency type exclusive to Conjunction Survival. Every five minutes, a small group of Thrax soldiers will spawn. Defeating a Thrax will award one Lua Thrax Plasm. You can increase your Lua Thrax Plasm drops by using resource boosters and a Smeeta Kavat.

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Perigale Stats And Features

Perigale Stats
Impact: 20.6 Puncture: 96.3 Slash: 55
Total Damage 172
Multishot 1
Fire Rate 2
Critical Chance 28%
Critical Multiplier 2.6x
Status / Projectile 16%
Zoom Bonus 20% | 40% Critical Multiplier
Weapon Type Sniper (Primary)
Trigger Type Burst (4 shots per trigger pull)
Accuracy 833.3
Magazine 12
Ammo Max 24
Reload Speed 3 Seconds
Punch Through 1 Meter
MR Requirement Mastery Rank 8

The Perigale is a sniper rifle that fires in four-round bursts with minimal recoil. It hits hard, features excellent critical stats, and has enough base status chance to trigger consistent Viral or Corrosive procs, provided you mod for those elements. All of those pros have one major downside: this weapon only holds two magazines in reserve. You'll need to land your shots to get the most out of this sniper.

Fortunately, landing multiple headshots in quick succession will grant the Perigale infinite ammo for the next four seconds, and this effect can be refreshed. If you've used the Knell, the Perigale feels similar, encouraging you to land a precise headshot before unloading a hailstorm of bullets at your foes. You don't get any other benefits beyond infinite ammo with this effect (unlike the Knell), yet the Perigale's excellent critical stats should be more than enough to carry you through Steel Path. Just mind your crosshair placement.

Landing Headshots Consistently

Headshots are the Perigale's main gimmick, so you'll want to spec your loadout around them. Your primary slot is taken up by the Perigale already, so using the Scourge is out of the question. Fortunately, you have a few ways of making headshots just a little easier:

  • Subsume Harrow's Condemn Ability: This ability chains targets to the floor, exposing their heads for easy headshots. Use the Helminth system to put this onto any Warframe.
  • Mod for Electricity or Heat: Both status effects cause the target to remain stationary for a short time, making it easy to land headshots. Electricity is a little better for landing headshots but has far worse damage multipliers than Heat.
  • Use Specific Warframes: Any Warframes with good CC abilities make headshots a breeze. Some examples include Limbo, Khora, and Equinox.

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Perigale Builds

We'll be looking at two Perigale builds today: one requires no Forma while the other is an endgame setup. No Rivens or external effects are required for these builds to function, but we highly recommend you use Arcane Momentum on your Warframe if you use this sniper frequently. This will drastically reduce the weapon's reload time from three seconds to just over one second.

Perigale Riven Mods

The Perigale has a 1/5 Riven Disposition, resulting in its rolled stats being quite poor. We don't recommend using Riven mods for this gun beyond dual-elemental mods (Cold + Toxin, preferably). Should the Perigale ever get a disposition buff, look out for fire rate, critical damage, critical chance, and multishot for your positives.

No Investment Build (0 Forma)

  • Forma: 0

The Perigale comes with two pre-installed V polarities, giving us some headroom to use expensive damage mods. If you've played Warframe much, this is a generic critical build that gives us enough damage to comfortably do standard Star Chart content and Arbitrations.

We scale our base damage by using Serration and increase our multishot through Split Chamber. We then equip Point Strike and Vital Sense to increase our critical stats. Viral is great for builds with a low to moderate status chance, so we'll be running Cryo Rounds and Malignant Force to create Viral, dealing bonus damage against flesh and triggering its status effect semi-often. Corrosive is also an option if you're struggling to kill Grineer.

The last mod slot should buff your fire rate, seeing as the Perigale has a noticeable burst delay by default. Vile Acceleration makes this delay minimal without lowing our damage too severely. Overall, you'll be hitting quite hard with what effectively feels like a Tiberon/Knell hybrid.

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Endgame Build (5 Forma)

  • Forma: 5 (3 V, 2 D)

You won't find any compromises here. This build goes all-in on the Perigale's excellent critical stats and headshot playstyle by using endgame Galvanized mods and Arcanes. We start by scaling the Perigale's base damage through Galvanzied Aptitude and Primary Deadhead. For multishot, Galvanized Chamber is all you need.

As for critical mods, we use three: Critical Delay, Galvanized Scope, and Vital Sense. Critical Delay makes it easier to get that first kill, and Galvanized Scope takes your critical chance into orange crit territory. Vital Sense is used to scale your critical multiplier, as you do with any critical build.

For elemental damage, we're using Viral again. Primed Cryo Rounds and Malignant Force give you a massive DPS increase and let you trigger Viral quite consistently, ramping up your damage into the millions without much issue. Your final mod slot should buff your fire rate, preferably Vile Acceleration to greatly lower the Perigale's long burst delay. If you're getting your fire rate elsewhere (Arcanes or your Warframe abilities), swap Vile Acceleration for Hunter Munitions. We highly recommend using Hunter Munitions but just couldn't find enough space.

Primary Deadhead is the best Arcane here, providing 360% base damage and an additive 30% headshot multiplier bonus to your weapon. It's easy to maintain and greatly improves our damage. For the Exilus slot, use Vigilante Supplies to keep your ammo reserves topped up.

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