Walmart May Be Getting Ridable Halo Warthogs For Kids

There's a lot of merch out there you don't know you need until it exists. A Warthog from Halo that you can actually drive, complete with laser tag vests, can now be added to that list. Providing the image of the Walmart-exclusive item circulating on social media is real, of course.

News that an official Halo Warthog (for kids before you get any ideas) first made it out into the world when an image of its packaging was shared on Reddit. The Halo fans who have replied to the post appear convinced. In fairness, it does seem to be legitimate. Either Walmart will have these soon or someone has gone to a lot of time and effort to fool and upset a lot of Halo fans.

If ridable Warthogs are about to become a reality, here are the caveats you need to know about before you rush to your nearest Walmart and buy one. First, the note above about them being for kids. Technically that isn't entirely accurate. The box says ages three and up, but the weight limit is 130 pounds. So if you're a particularly light adult, that means you can ride the Walmart Warthog without running the risk of buckling its wheels.

The box also boasts the Halo vehicle includes voice lines from some of the games' characters, a mounted cannon on the rear, and yes, that laser tag vest with an accompanying gun mentioned above. As you can see on the right, a child is using the gun but also wearing the vest even though it states there's only one of each included with every Warthog. Perhaps he knows someone else who has one, or as some parents will be tempted to do, lives in a house of Halo fans who each wanted their own.

Again, there has been no confirmation from Walmart, 343, Xbox, or anyone else who would be involved in creating a Warthog for kids that this is the real deal. We can dream for now though and continue to gaze upon what looks like some very real packaging. If you're itching to buy some unexpected Halo merch while you wait for confirmation, we reviewed the Halo cookbook, and it's surprisingly great.

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