VRChat Review Bombed Over New Anti-Cheat That’s Cracking Down On Mods

VRChat is adding a new anti-cheat which might seem like a good thing given the complaints of griefers, hackers, bigots, trolls, and all manner of toxic players. However, the community isn't excited as this update will break plenty of mods, so it's voicing its frustration by review bombing on Steam.

As highlighted by a ResetEra thread, there have been over 5,000 negative reviews filed since July 1. This has brought the recent reviews score down to Mostly Negative despite the game's Very Positive overall rating. Mods are against VRChat's terms of service but the community use a slew of client-side addons to fix a lot of the bugs while also adding key quality of life features. But these mods do a lot more than that, making the game safer, and they're set to break with the anti-cheat update.

Mods such as AdvancedSafety, LagFreeScreenshots, JoinNotifier, UIExpansionKit, and CameraMinus will all be flagged by the anti-cheat, resulting in a ban for users. The community has voiced concern over this with the Discord racking up complaints and backlash as a feedback post on the official website accumulates over 18,600 upvotes.

However, VRChat made an announcement that blamed mods for a lot of the game's toxicity, "Malicious client modifications are responsible for a massive amount of issues for both our team and our users. We've been listening to you cry out for a solution to being harassed, griefed, and constantly crashed, so we're taking further steps to address one of the roots of the problem."

Something highlighted in the ResetEra thread is how mods used to protect against malicious players will no longer work while hackers and griefers will likely find workarounds to the anti-cheat, although time will tell if this rings true. Regardless, VRChat's community as a whole isn't happy with the news.

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