VR Training Company Moth+Flame Closes $2.5 Million Funding Round

One interesting aspect of virtual reality’s (VR) growth was been its implementation as a training tool for companies and international organisations alike. Moth+Flame is one of those dedicated to this particular field, revealing today that it has closed a $2.5 million USD seed funding round to continue developing its VR training platforms.

The round was led by Bee Partners with additional investment from First In, Meeting Street Capital, Service Provider Capital, Spacecadet, and Dan Farah, producer of Ready Player One. The funding will be used to scale Moth+Flame’s operations which revolve around its READY VR and PromiseVR training platforms.

Like other VR training platforms, READY VR and PromiseVR put users inside simulated real-world environments so that every scenario is as lifelike as possible. Utilising AI and natural language processing for hard and soft skill training, READY VR focuses on hard skills like maintenance and safety procedures whilst PromiseVR is all about soft skills; situational awareness and customer service for example.

“Through PromiseVR, we have quickly expanded Moth+Flame’s business into the workplace, as the demand for corporate immersive training programs has never been higher,” said Kevin Cornish, CEO and Founder of Moth+Flame in a statement. “We’re the only solution that can upskill and train the next-gen workforce, while also providing technology built to address the strict security requirements of the military. From confronting critical issues like racial bias and suicide prevention to powering immersive learning for pilots and office workers, Moth+Flame’s technology ushers in a new future of education. Our investors recognize the important work we do and have armed us with the tools we need to grow faster than ever.”

“Moth+Flame’s VR technology addresses some of the most pressing and nuanced issues faced in the workplace today,” said Accenture Managing Director, North American Public Sector Molly Tierney. “At Accenture, we’ve seen firsthand how immersive training can make an incredible, long-lasting impact in a short time. Moth+Flame ushers in a bright future for our world at work and at large.”

Moth+Flame’s clients also include the US Air Force with the training company developing both pilot and maintenance training for 12 aircraft, as well as a curriculum for suicide and sexual assault prevention.

As the VR training industry continues to grow VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest developments.

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