Voice Actor Leaks New Capcom Fighting Game

A Devil May Cry voice actor has leaked that a new Capcom fighting title is inbound. The company has been keeping mum on fighting games since Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite failed to reach the heights it was expected to but it now appears like they’re gearing up to give it another shot.

MvCI received tepid reviews. Some gamers really liked it, others felt like it wasn’t anything to shout about. Marvel, meanwhile, seemed to cool on the humbled studio but did demand that they make their characters look stronger in the game. They also asked for very specific pairings.

Generally, it was a stressful and frustrating project for the Japanese company, so one would be forgiven for assuming they would stay away from fighting games for a few years. But according to Brian Hanford, something’s in the making on that front.

Hanford is the actor who voiced V in Devil May Cry 5. He’d previously claimed that Dante could be coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate or Marvel vs. Capcom, or both.

“To be part of Marvel Vs. Capcom or Super Smash Bros., or both, which is what Dante is gonna be – it’s just like ‘come on!'” he in mid-January.

His newest claim has set tongues wagging and #CapcomVS was trending on Twitter over the weekend.

As you’d imagine, this is pretty exciting news. But, even more importantly, Hanford made no mention of Marvel. This could be an indication of the entertainment company not being involved this time around. It’s also led to suspicions over the possibility of a new Capcom Vs. SNK game, the likes of which haven’t been released in almost 14 years.

Of course, there could be another partnership afoot. We’d probably have to rule out a Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, though. While the first game was a pretty fun one, Tatsunoko isn’t all that popular outside of Japan and a sequel just seems unlikely. But there’s always Namco.

We should note that Hanford’s tweet isn’t necessarily factual as actors can pick things up in passing and mistakenly pass them off as premature announcements. His Dante predictions are yet to come through, so who knows?

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