Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez Try To Literally Steal The Game Awards

After a thrilling night of trophies, reveals, and surprises, The Game Awards concluded with an appearance by Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez from the Fast and Furious films, and things got awkward real fast.

As Michelle took the stage to reveal the winner of the Game of the Year category, she first announced that she had one last announcement for the show, immediately disappointing a major contingent of audience members still waiting for a Smash Bros new character announcement.

Instead, the final reveal of the night was for a called Fast and Furious Crossroads. It looks, well… See for yourself:

It’s fair to say Crossroads isn’t quite on par with the quality of other games featured at the award show. In fact, Crossroads may even be mistaken by some as a last gen game, especially considering the lack of depth and detail in the character models.

If the disappointing final announcement wasn’t bad enough, Michelle then introduced Vin Diesel who took the stage and then pretty much immediately went off script. You can watch the two of them spin out into an uncomfortable chill session below:

Wearing a t-shirt of his own film studio. Vin saunters over to the microphone and makes some sort of Gandalf reference to the audience before sleepily riffing with Michelle about their history of being gamers. It goes on for far too long, Michelle pronounces Tekken “tuh-ken”, and Vin awkwardly plugs an “insane” trailer for Fast 9. Presumably a better trailer than the one we just saw for Crossroads.

The “I’m one of you” speech is a reoccurring cliche in video game media every time a “real celebrity” graces our award shows or conventions with their presence. Apparently, Vin didn’t get the memo that it’s totally unnecessary and does nothing but make us feel pandered too.

Further, the lingering stench of that Crossroads trailer certainly didn’t make me feel open to watching uncomfortable banter between the stars of the game for 2 straight minutes. Part of me thought there was still a chance we’d see a Metroid Prime 4 or even a new Arkham game, making the lingering Fast stars even more painful.

It’s safe to say this was the most excruitiating moment of the night. I hope the prime slot paid off a lot of bills for Keighley and company. It’s an unfortunate black mark on an otherwise fun and exciting show.

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