Video games will be photorealistic in 10 years says Take-Two boss

The owner of Rockstar Games thinks that games will be indistinguishable from reality in just a decade, but is that really possible?

By the year 2030 it will be impossible to tell video game footage from real life, or at least that’s what the boss of Take-Two Interactive, owners of Rockstar Games, thinks.

‘I’m guessing business in 10 years looks very different than it does today in the same way that it looks very different today than it did 10 years ago when there was no mobile business and no recurrent consumer spending,’ said Zelnick, according to

‘And I can’t quite say what that will involve, but I think what you’re going to see is technology will allow our creative folks to do things they’ve never been able to do before, including make games that look exactly like live-action.’

Speaking at the UBS Global TMT Virtual Conference, whatever that may be, Zelnick wasn’t specific about what kind of technology he was talking about but did refer to photorealistic graphics being, ‘all done inside a computer’.

Within 10 years you’d expect the PlayStation 6 and a new generation of consoles, although many speculate that there won’t be another generation in the traditional sense and by that point everything will be done via streaming.

It’s likely that Zelnick wasn’t referring to any specific technology but since the NBA 2K series is already noted for its highly realistic human characters he was probably thinking of that in terms of comparisons with live action footage.

‘All of those things lead me to believe there will be massive moves in our business – many of which we can’t entirely predict – massive growth in the business, and there will be a lot of dynamic opportunity both in terms of what we can do creatively and what we can do on the business side to exploit that creativity, added Zelnick.

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