Velma Confirmed For MultiVersus Following Playtest Datamines

Velma has been confirmed as part of the MultiVersus roster following several playtest leaks.

MultiVersus currently has an ongoing technical playtest for a select number of players, letting them try out the game and some of its characters. As you might expect, this has led to several leaks from dataminers trying to get a peek inside the files to see hints at upcoming characters, stages, and game mechanics.

So many leaks have started circulating across social media, that the MultiVersus team has decided to confirm one of the characters on the list, Scooby Doo's Velma, while warning that not everything found within the game is a hint at the roster.

The official MultiVersus Twitter account shared a short video of a magnifying glass going over the word "Jinkies", which is Velma's catchphrase. The Tweet says, "Jinkies, a clue – Velma is officially part of the MultiVersus roster! There are more mysteries to uncover about who’s joining the multiverse, and not all of the leads out there are true!"

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's been keeping an eye on the many leaked MultiVersus roster posts over the past few days. Although there are lots of different characters appearing on those lists thanks to data found within the playtest, Velma is one of the only ones that had significant evidence, including data on her moveset and images of some of her alternate costumes.

Although the post seems to be trying to debunk the character lists going around at the moment, it does so in a strange way by outright confirming that some of it is true. Only time will tell as to what other things that have leaked from the playtest will be true, and which will be fake.

This is far from the first time that MultiVersus has been hit with leaks. Its whole existence was leaked months before an official announcement could be made, and several characters like Rick and Gandalf are all but confirmed at this point.

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