Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Scene 5 Part 2 – Prince Iverson’s Apartment Walkthrough

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Last time Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong put you in Emem's shoes, she had just escaped a Memory Prison. She's now back at the Prince's Quarter and reporting to Prince Iverson. How well you did will influence the dialogue you can engage in with many of the characters you meet in this intermissionary Scene. Your goal is simply to leave the Prince’s Quarter and go out on another mission.

This Scene can be complete in a matter of seconds, however, there are a few things you can do on the side to get some more information. These are very much worth doing, and shed light on a lot of characters – specifically, Hazel, Galeb, Halsey, and Leysha. You will need to do some sleuthing if you want to nab any of this info as it’s pretty well hidden.

This guide is a work in progress, and as more is discovered, it will be updated.

Conversation With Hilda

Your conversation with Hilda can go a few ways, and based on what stats you have, you can persuade Hilda to reveal her discontent with Prince Iverson. More importantly, however, Hilda will ask you for information on your next mission.

Considering there is a traitor in court, this question is a bit of a red flag. However, without a high Persuasion stat, you will not be able to defend yourself against Hilda’s probing question. Hilda has a Persuasion stat of four and is very difficult to overcome as a result.

You can also talk to Hilda about your journey in the Memory Prison. If you missed Memory Fragments, these will be brought up in this conversation. Hilda will also refuse to shed light on certain missed memories, so you better hope you grabbed them all if you want the full picture.

Talking With Berel And Feng

One of the hidden side objectives is to eavesdrop on Berel and Feng, and have a bit of a natter whilst you’re at it. Depending on how you completed Galeb’s Scene, this scene will play out slightly differently.

You can use Psychology to glean more information from Feng in this encounter.

How To Access Iverson’s Apartment

The major side objective of this mission is to break into Iverson’s apartment and have a snoop around. Getting into her apartment is fairly easy, the snooping is slightly harder.

You may recall April had an elevator in her office in Scene One. The elevator will take you to Iverson’s apartment. You will see April shouting at her staff outside of her office allowing you to sneak in.

How To Unlock Iversons’s Bookcase

When you enter Iverson's apartment, you will notice that there is a large bookcase that has a strange locking mechanism. If you want to find the hidden information in her apartment, you will need to crack open this lock.

This is a multi-part puzzle. Firstly you will need to solve a puzzle with the large Swan Statue near the bookcase. Go into Iverson’s bedroom, and on her shelf, is a miniature swan. Take this back to the statue, place it on the pedestal, and a compartment will open up with a key inside.

Take this key to the bookcase, and you will be able to unlock it. This is part two of the puzzle. You will need to press the books on her shelf, like buttons, in a particular order. The order is written down on Iverson’s music stand if you want to find it yourself. The code is: B-F-D-A-C.

This will open another secret area of the apartment which contains documents full of information surrounding Galeb and Leysha. Once you have these, you are free to leave.

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