Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Scene 1 Part 2 – Investigate The Primogen Walkthrough

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  • Stay Focused Or Embrace The Premonition
  • How To Prove Journey Is Innocent
  • How To Access Drory’s Computer
  • How To Open The Hidden Box In Drory’s Apartment
  • Gathering Information On Dajan
  • Gathering Information On Hilda
  • Gathering Information On Berel
  • How To Find The Floppy Disk In Richard’s Office

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is a game with a plot that is split between three characters, Leysha, Emem, and Galeb. Each character has a part to play, and how effectively they fulfill their role, is down to the player interacting with the world and its inhabitants.

Leysha’s unique abilities make her an excellent sleuth, and that is what you’ll be doing during the Prince’s Quarter. After being released from a mental health institute, you are tasked with uncovering information on the Primogen, Emem, and the elusive Journey. There are several side activities you can complete during this scene, and these can help flesh out the story and the World Of Darkness as a whole.

You won’t be able to interact fully with each character and object in the game on your first time through. You simply don’t have the points to spread to encompass every potential encounter.

Stay Focused Or Embrace The Premonition

The first decision you will make is one of the biggest decisions you will make throughout Chapter One. Leysha, whilst spying on the conversation between Emem and Journey is suddenly ravaged by a vision. You have two options: stay focused, or, have the premonition.

Stay Focused

If you stay focused, you will stay cognizant enough to witness the decision you made as Emem. When you eventually report back to Price Iverson, you will have the opportunity to tell her about Emem’s betrayal or loyalty.


If you decide to have the premonition, you will be met with a curious vision, however, you will miss the conversation between Emem and Journey. When you report to Prince Iverson, you will get the opportunity to reveal your vision. There are no negative ramifications for having a premonition as it is revealed that your visions are more important.

How To Prove Journey Is Innocent

Once you gain control over Leysha, you will be in Drory’s apartment. You are free to explore and find additional information that can help you in your investigation. There is a pink file on a shelf left of your computer in Drory’s bedroom. This is a key piece of evidence that you can turn over to Prince Iverson.

How To Access Drory’s Computer

In Drory’s bedroom, there is a computer that is PIN protected. You can access this to gain some additional information on Drory. You can use your skills to hack into the computer, however, it is much more effective to locate the PIN.

Near the entrance to Drory’s apartment, there is a picture on a small table. This picture has the date 1841 written on it. Go back to the PC and punch in that number to gain access.

How To Open The Hidden Box In Drory’s Apartment

You may notice, whilst exploring Drory's appartment, that there is an hidden box on her bed. Despite having the skills to reveal this box, the game will not let you break the enchantment, and it won't tell you why. This is because this box is actually part of a later Scene's progression – and even then, only if choose to go down the correct story path. Leave it for now, and keep it in the back of your mind.

Gathering Information On Dajan

Instead of going back to Halsey straight away, you can investigate the Primogen. Dajan is one such member. Inside his room, you can interact with several items that will give you some additional information based on the skills you have access to. You can also find some evidence that can be turned over to Prince Iverson.

  • Tarot Cards – On the dining room table, you can see some Tarot Cards. You can interact with them to reveal that Dajan is planning on going on a trip.
  • Hidden Letter (Evidence) – Use Auspex in Dajan’s bedroom to unveil a hidden letter in his wardrobe.
  • Dead Raven – Use Deduction level one or Education level two on the dead raven in Dajan’s room to get some more information on a ritual that was performed.
  • Bloody Knife – Use Education level one on the bloody knife in the Dajan’s bathroom sink to gain insight into what it was used for.

Gathering Information On Hilda

Approaching Hilda’s room will unlock an ability that allows Leysha to turn invisible. You can use this to enter Hilda’s apartment and snoop around. If you approach Hilda, you can use Auspex to listen in on her conversation with herself. This information can be delivered to Prince Iverson.

You can also go into Hilda’s bedroom and find an old letter from Emem. This can be found next to a pillow on Hilda’s bed.

Gathering Information On Berel

Berel, like in the Emem scene, is a tough nut to crack and will require very specialized skills to break. Most of Berel’s communication stats are at level four. You will need to have stats around this level if you want to overcome him – even when using Willpower.

This is a large investment that requires you to make a custom class. This will force you to sacrifice in other areas. The reward is additional information you can bring to Prince Iverson, but it isn’t required for progression.

How To Find The Floppy Disk In Richard’s Office

The final stop on your sleuthing tour is Richard’s Office. You will also find Halsey here. Before you interact with her, you can dig up some information on the goings-on behind the scenes.

Richard has an old PC that can only be accessed if you have a floppy disk. Thankfully, Richard left this floppy disk in his room. Go into Richard’s bedroom, and on a sofa, you will find a briefcase. In this briefcase is a floppy disk.

Take this disk back to the PC and insert it to gain access. The information gleaned here is entirely expository and won’t be used as evidence when you finish the scene off.

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