Valve’s Steam Deck Giveaway Saw Viewers Spamming The Game Awards Chat For No Reason

Among the showcases, awards, performances, and stagecrashings at The Game Awards, you may have noticed Geoff Keighley going on about how Valve was giving away a Steam Deck every minute. All you had to do was sign up to Steam, and you could've been randomly selected to win a free Steam Deck. Considering most people watching The Game Awards probably already have Steam accounts, they had to do nothing – just wait to see if they got selected.

However, despite not having to do much to be eligible, those streaming the show decided to mess around in the live stream chat by spamming Linux commands. Did this help their chances of winning a Steam Deck? No. Did they know this? Probably – Keighley mentioned the procedure a couple of times. And yet, while Sydnee Goodman was hosting the The Game Awards' Opening act, a quick peek at the chat would reveal a deluge of "!steamdeck" and ''/claim".

As pointed out by PC Gamer, the format that it's written in is that of Linux shell commands, suggesting that it was hardcore Gabe Newell fans, known as Gabenists, behind this. It's unclear whether they were serious or just messing around, but the spamming made no difference upon their chances of winning a Steam Deck.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the only weird thing to happen during the show. As you may have witnessed, a random stage invader went up on stage along with the Elden Ring contingent to collect their Game of the Year 2022 award. After patiently waiting for Hidetaka Miyazaki to finish his acceptance speech, this random person came up to the mic and said, "I want to take everybody and say I think I want to nominate my reformed Orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton."

The mic was quickly taken away from him and security ushered him and the confused FromSoftware team offstage for one of the strangest endings to an awards event ever. Geoff Keighley later Tweeted that the individual had been arrested. He was later identified as Matan Evan, who later Tweeted, "Today there is a lot of talk, and speculation. More information will be released on all fronts sooner than later."

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