Valve Teases What's Coming Next With Its Newly Revealed Steam Labs

Valve has announced Steam Labs, a special place where users can test out some of the company’s experiments. Before you get too excited, these aren’t games – they’re works in progress designed to help you find games. At launch, there are three of these little experiments that you can test for yourself.

  • Micro Trailers arrange games on a single page by genre, and you can mouse over their thumbnails to see six-second trailers to give you a sense of what they look like in action.
  • The Interactive Recommender generates lists of games it thinks you’ll like by looking at your most-played games and input via a variety of different sliders.
  • The Automated Show compiles the most popular game launches for the day and generates a 30-minute highlight reel.

Valve says these are early looks at features that may or may not stick around, so you may as well give them a shot while you can. 

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