VALORANT Easter Egg Possibly Teases Next Agent

A mysterious visual effect recently found in VALORANT possibly hints at the game’s next agent. Not much information has been released regarding the upcoming agent, though many theories have been crafted through little clues provided by the game. A visual easter egg found by a player called Colagraag may suggest the next agent will have some invisibility powers.

While many players had followed the clues suggesting a samurai agent was on the horizon, this teaser may hint at something different. VALORANT player Colagraag hopped into a custom match on Icebox shortly after patch 1.14 went live, and was met with a confusing visual effect.

As the pre-round phase begins, you can clearly hear footsteps seemingly walking from A site, past the mid platform and into the hut near the defender spawn. Purple puddles appear with each step, though no figure can be seen making the footsteps. The invisible figure seems to walk into the B hut structure before disappearing entirely.

While there’s no telling exactly what this easter egg means, many VALORANT fans suspect it’s a teaser for the next agent. Another teaser was revealed with the patch 1.14 update, as the agent’s silhouette was shown on a poster for the upcoming WWFEST event. Other information was found by data miners, revealing the agent’s potential codename as JLATTE or Jhons Latte.

Riot Games has not commented on these teasers. The next agent will be released with the start of Episode II, Act I, which does not have an official release date.

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