Valheim Is Absolutely Terrifying When Enemies Glitch Out

Valheim isn’t supposed to be a horror game, though sometimes the bosses maybe a little frightening. However, the game’s Early Access state means things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes bugs may result in accidental horror.

Influenced by action-adventure games like Skyrim and The Legend of Zelda, Valheim is available at a more accessible and affordable price point. Valheim is relatively new, launching on Steam Early Access just months ago, so there are, of course, still a few bugs lurking about. While those hiccups are usually pretty harmless, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t terrifying, like the one found by TheCalmVikingWalrus on Reddit.

In the Redditor’s video, he’s casually battling enemies in the Plains, as you do with your Viking pals. They’re chipping away at the more intimidating version of a Beserker, a Fuling Beserker, and after the big guy takes out his buddy the thing just falls under the map. Okay, not the weirdest bug in Valheim. But it’s the sudden shooting up through the ground that sends the Redditor into an absolute panic, thus the aptly titled, “I screamed and almost peed myself” thread. 

Other players commented that they knew that panicked jump and movement from anywhere. When something spooks us in Valheim, there’s always a frantic keyboard smash to get away, usually resulting in a bunch of silly movements from your Viking. Jump, tumble, whatever, just get away from the thing. It’s the “oh shit” response, as one player commented.

This isn’t the first time Valheim has scared the pants off of a player. Last month, we covered a Troll glitch that scared poor Viking perusing through the forest. It may not be a horror game, but Valheim still has some jump scares.

While all of these moments are unintended, Valheim players are still doing some pretty neat things in-game. Recently, someone made a bed of cars (out of wood), because why not? And in perhaps one of the most impressive builds yet, a player recreated Helm’s Deep from Lord of the Rings.

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