V Rising: Should You Choose PVE Or PVP?

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Before you can even pick your server in V Rising, you are presented with a myriad of options. Unlike other survival games that have an option to toggle PVP on or off, you must choose from the get-go whether you want to conquer humanity or compete against your fellow vampires to reign supreme.

That said, there are quite a few options to choose from aside from just standard PVE or PVP, and the differences might not be readily apparent. The right game mode for you will depend not only on how many people you are playing with but what you are looking to get out of the game. Let's take a look at your options.

V Rising – How PVE Works

  • 1-4 players recommended
  • Can teleport with items
  • No item durability loss

Maybe you are interested in playing V Rising, but you have not been able to convince your friends to download it, nor the time to commit to playing every day. PVE is the perfect low-stakes option for players who find surviving against the game challenging enough.

This mode is very forgiving. It not only allows you to teleport around the map regardless of what resources you might be carrying, but dying does not impact the durability of your weapons or gear. This means you can throw yourself at tougher enemies and V Blood carriers with abandon.

Choose PVE if you are new to survival games, or are looking for a single-player survival experience similar to The Forest or Ark.

V Rising – How PVP Works

  • 3-4 players recommended
  • No teleporting with items
  • Durability loss upon death
  • All loot aside from weapons and gear dropped upon death

Standard PVP is not generally recommended if you are going into V Rising for the first time, or alone. Not unless you are very good at making enemies into friends. While you do have a grace period when starting in a new server where other players cannot attack you, those ten minutes will seem paltry when you come across your first full team of four players with nothing but a Bone Sword to your name.

In this mode, other players can lay siege to your castle during certain times of the day, taking all the goodies within. They can also loot all the items on your person apart from your weapons and gear should they catch you off guard. Because you cannot travel through Waygates with any resources on your person, your risk of running into enemy players is also increased simply for the fact that you might have to traverse great distances to bring all your swag back to your castle.

Choose PVP if you already have a group of friends to play with or looking to make some new friends.

Full Loot PVP

  • 4 players recommended
  • No teleporting with items
  • All loot is dropped upon death, including weapons and gear
  • Able to destroy enemy castles

If you thought standard PVP sounded challenging, you will find Full Loot PVP to be quite punishing. The reason why four players are highly recommended for this mode is for the sheer number of ways you can get set back to square one. Every time you die, all of your loot will drop, including your weapons and gear. In this version of the game, enemy players cannot only lay siege to your castle, but they can also reduce it to rubble.

Having four friends who are eager for a challenge or some chaos is ideal. At the very least, every time you lose all your progress, there will be four of you to grind back all those resources. With at least four players, you also have better odds of leveling up yourselves and your castle faster, giving you an edge before you face your first PVP encounter.

Choose Full Loot PVP if you have a group of friends who can dedicate time to playing daily and competitively, or if you are a veteran of survival games or PVP.


  • 1-2 players recommended
  • No teleporting with items
  • Durability loss upon death
  • All loot aside from weapons and gear dropped upon death

You want more of a challenge out of V Rising, but you don't have three or four friends to call upon to commit to logging in every day. Duo PVP is the mode for you. This mode is identical in almost every way to standard PVP except that you can only form a clan of up to two vampires.

This means that should you decide to brave the chaos of PVP without any aid, your biggest concern is taking on two enemy players at once. Therefore, this is certainly the most solo-friendly PVP mode in V Rising. While enemy players can lay siege to your castle, they cannot completely destroy it, giving you at least a bit of grace should the worst happen.

Choose Duo PVP if you only have one friend to play with, or are looking for more of a challenge without the risk of a one-versus-four fight.

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