Upgrade to a sweet 27-inch Dell IPS monitor with FreeSync for $109

Anyone looking for a solid high definition gaming monitor should head over to BuyDig today. The company is selling the FreeSync-enabled, 27-inch Dell RVJXC monitor for $109Remove non-product link. This monitor is $169 at other retailers right now, so you’re saving about $60.

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This Dell display features 1080p resolution, a thin bezel, matte screen, and FreeSync. The latter feature lets modern AMD Radeon graphics cards match refresh rates with the monitor, reducing stutter and enabling buttery-smooth gaming action. GeForce graphics cards can also work with FreeSync displays, but they require manual activation via Nvidia’s control panel.

Dell’s specs say this monitor works with FreeSync up to 75Hz, which is fantastic for a monitor around $100. It also has a gray-to-gray response time of 6 milliseconds. You’ll find VGA and HDMI ports on the rear. You’ll need the latter for FreeSync, while VGA is there for anyone who wants to use this monitor with a legacy system.

That’s about all there is to say about this particular display. It looks like a solid choice for a budget rig, or any AMD graphics card owner who wants to give FreeSync a try at a good price.

[Today’s deal: Dell 27-inch RVJXC for $109 at BuyDig.Remove non-product link]

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