Unsealing Asgard’s Well Of Urd In Assasssin’s Creed Valhalla’s Well-Traveled Quest

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is an excellent open-world Viking romp with so much to discover while traversing the lands of England and Asgard. If you have been uncovering as many secrets as possible and unlocking all the gear you can, then you will likely have already spent hours exploring Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, but that doesn’t mean every puzzle will be simple for you. In this guide we’re going over one of the most unique and esoteric quests in the game, Well-Traveled, and we’re solving the mysterious puzzle to unseal the well.

Unsealing the Well of Urd is a bit of a challenge and requires you to play around with some light beams and reflective mirrors. You’ve likely completed puzzles like this before, but that doesn’t mean they’re always obvious or easy. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide to clear through the quest and unseal the Well of Urd as easily as possible.

How to find Well-Traveled in AC Valhalla

There are a handful of things you must finish before you manage to get to this main storyline quest, and this of course includes progressing the story until you have returned to Asgard, your starting area in Valhalla.

  • First make sure you have upgraded your settlement to tier three, Hamlet. You can do this by upgrading buildings and services.
  • Once acquired complete the “Wise Friends” quest to earn a Seer in your settlement.
  • Upgrade the Seer building until you earn and complete the “In Dreams…” quest.
  • Travel to Asgard and complete “View Above All.”
  • Once all of these tasks are complete you should be onto the quest in question, Well-Traveled.

The Well of Urd, or “Well of Urdr” as you’ll see it named on the map, is hidden away in Asgard. Of course, something so important wouldn’t be sitting around in England. You’ll be given a waypoint on your map to find the well, so it shouldn’t take too much effort to track it down.

Solving the Unseal The Well Puzzle in AC Valhalla

Right, we’ll go over what you need to do to solve this puzzle with step-by-step instructions. I’ll be using the compass at the top of your screen, in addition to where you entered the well, to guide you around the room while solving the puzzle.

  • In the middle of the well you will see the well itself, naturally, surrounded by rock spikes. There is a moveable pillar here with an orb of light hovering above it – you’ll see this pillar to the Southeast side of the well itself.
  • Move this pillar to the North side of the well, near the gap between the stone spikes. This, when the light is in place, will bounce the light beam to the reflective pillar on the opposite side of the well.
  • Climb out of the centre part of the well and head towards the Northwest side, where you’ll find a light beam being emitted from a pillar atop a platform. Aim this beam towards the crystal-like object above where you entered the well. This splits the beam in two, with the two halves aiming towards different parts of the room, both hitting another two light orbs.
  • Stand in the entrance of the room, facing the well, and move the pillar located to your right. Aim it towards the pillar you moved in the centre of the room. If it doesn’t line up and hit the reflective pillar properly, make sure to adjust.
  • Now head to the pillar to the left of the entrance. This one just needs to be aligned with the remaining pillar on the platform ahead. Aim this one down towards the well itself too, where you’ll see another reflective pillar. Once you hit this with the light beam, the puzzle will be solved. Now dive on inside.

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