Unleash Cthulhu On Your Friends With New King Of Tokyo Expansion

Unleashing an elder being on your friends isn’t the nicest thing to do, but board games tend to bring out that kind of betrayal. Especially one like King of Tokyo. The game, and its King of New York counterpart, let players wreak havoc with kaiju, robots, and the like. Cthulhu is also in the mix, and publisher IELLO wants to remind us of that as Halloween approaches.

IELLO highlighted Cthulhu as he appears in the King games, telling the story of how he joined the great monster battle. Basically, the fighting monsters ruined his afternoon nap. Now he wants revenge.

Cthulu comes as a Monster Pack, a $10.99 expansion compatible with any King game. In both versions he brings cultists that he can snack on for extra health, energy, or dice rolls. That might sound harsh, but it’s what a Cthulu cultists signs up for. In New York specifically, players can find and destroy Cthulu temples to cause even more chaos. The discord grows even stronger when Cthulu uses the Power Up expansion rules, where he can alter other monsters’ reality to win the fight without ever lifting a tentacle.

You can find out more about how Cthulu works in King of Tokyo and King of New York here, and see what other monsters are lurking in the shadows here.

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