Ubisoft Plus Now Available Through Google Stadia

Ubisoft today announced that its monthly subscription service, Ubisoft Plus, is now available in beta form through Google Stadia. The update is rolling out in waves and is expected to conclude on December 16.

If you already have a Ubisoft Plus subscription, just visit the official Ubisoft website and link your account to Stadia. You don’t even need a Stadia Pro subscription to take advantage of the beta – as long as you’re a monthly subscriber to Ubisoft Plus, you’ll be able to access your titles remotely through Google Stadia.

“During this beta, players can enjoy Ubisoft games across their devices and benefit from cross-platform progression for new titles, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Immortals Fenyx Rising,” reads the announcement. “Ubisoft Plus on Stadia also features premium editions for those two titles and Watch Dogs: Legion as well as beloved games from Ubisoft’s catalog.”

Ubisoft Plus first announced its collaboration with Google in October, promising to give subscribers remote access to their games through both Stadia and the new Amazon Luna. That was also the time when Ubisoft Plus changed its name – formerly known as Uplay Plus. The monthly service costs $15/month, but it provides access to over 100 different games on PC. And, now that you can play its games from any device that supports Stadia, there’s never been a better time to test out the service. It’s also a solid way to get your hands on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla without having to drop $60.

The past few months have been kind to Ubisoft, with Valhalla, Immortals, and Watch Dogs: Legion performing well and putting up impressive numbers. They haven’t been without their fair share of bugs, but it seems the studio is dedicated to stomping them out as fast as they can. Valhalla is getting hotfixes on a regular basis, Title Updates continue to pour out for Legion, and Immortals just received its latest patch on December 10.

For more information on Ubisoft Plus, check out its official website.

Ubisoft Plus is now available through Google Stadia.

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