Ubisoft "Fully Supports" Roller Champions, Promises More Seasons On The Way

Roller Champions is alive and well, according to a recent Twitter post from Ubisoft Montreal. A rumor from last weekend said that Ubisoft was planning to stop supporting Roller Champions after its third season, but it seems those rumors aren’t true.

"Let’s clear it out of the way first, Roller Champions isn’t getting canceled, and Ubisoft fully supports it," reads today’s statement from the Roller Champions dev team. "What the Roller Champions dev team is doing is making sure we focus on what our players have told us needs improvement, and that supersedes all other priorities."

The post did admit that the first season, Disco Fever, is being extended so that the team could fix several bugs and push an update that includes cross-platform invites, fulfilling the promise of crossplay that Roller Champions made at launch. After that, more seasons are being planned.

"As far as content is concerned, we can tell you that we've got exciting stuff planned for next seasons," added Ubisoft Montreal. "We strongly believe, however, that before we release new content, we've got to do right by our players, hence why we are taking the time needed before we do."

Industry insider Jeff Grubb said during a recent Xbox Era podcast that Ubisoft planned to end support of Roller Champions after its third season, citing a source within the French publisher. Seasons last two months in Roller Champions, giving the cyberpunk roller derby game a lifespan of just six months.

Roller Champions launched in May and has struggled to find an audience. Although reviews were largely positive, we noted only 100 people were watching Roller Champions as of Sunday. Roller Champions is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Connect.

Ubisoft is also having trouble with its major release schedule. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora was recently pushed back to Ubisoft’s 2023/2024 financial year, with Jeff Grubb noting the game is in "rough shape."

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