Twordsy is a wonderful Wordle clone in which you connect the words

If you’re finding Wordle a little too easy, or maybe you’re looking for a new puzzle to play over breakfast, then you might want to check out new daily word game Twordsy. One of the better Wordle clones we’ve had the pleasure of playing, Twordsy tasks players with figuring out two different words using the process of elimination. The twist, however, is that the words are somehow connected, giving players something extra to think about.

It could be that each word is a type of animal, or two different parts of the body, or perhaps simply two words with a similar meaning.

Examples given on the website include “BRAIN-LIVER”, “AGILE-LITHE”, “CREPT-SNUCK” and “BEACH-SHELL”.

The process of figuring out the words is very similar to Wordle, albeit you only have five guesses for each five-letter word instead of six. After every guess, you’ll need to pay close attention to the colours of the tiles.

If the tile turns orange, then the letter appears in the word, just not in that position. A green tile, on the other hand, means the letter is in the word and in the correct place.

If you manage to solve one of the words in Twordsy, then you can use the answer to help figure out the other. Simply think how it may be connected based on the letters you’ve already uncovered.

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Twordsy was created by Falmouth University employee Sam Burney. Following a successful trial in Cornwall, the game is now available to play online for free.

Speaking about the creation of Twordsy, Sam said: “Twordsy started as a game I played with my family on WhatsApp, until my sister challenged me to turn it into an online game.

“Since then it’s taken on a life of its own and in a matter of weeks we now have a community of hundreds playing every day, which is amazing!

“If you like Wordle, I’m pretty confident you’ll love Twordsy.”

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