Two Point Campus: Guide To Spy School

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Two Point Campus is a management sim that lets you take control and build quirky academic institutions, each with their own specific nuances and specialist subjects from Gastronomy to Knight School.

When it comes to Spy School, things aren't quite as tough as on other campuses. Although you'll receive plenty of cash from tuition fees and dorm rent, you'll have to keep an eye out for undercover moles who are here to wreck your students' progress. If you're struggling to build your own group of James Bond wannabes, here are some tips to master Spy School.

What Is Spy School?

Don't be fooled by the Roach Burger restaurant façade; the gastronomy classroom serves as a front for the top-secret Spy School hidden behind Blundergrad's unassuming walls. As a subject, Spy School might be hard for the students, but when compared to the financially fraught likes of Upper Etching where you've already built your Musicality and Countercultural Studies legacies, it should be a piece of cake to manage.

Like with many other campuses, you'll have to make your cash stretch far enough to build all the necessary rooms for your students to live and study enjoyably here at Blundergrad. With only $200,000 in starting funds, you might want to take out a sizable loan as soon as possible; you'll be paying it off in no time.

How To Spot A Spy School Mole In Two Point Campus

The archetypical students you'll see milling around campus all don slick black trench coats and shades to match, but beware: very little separates the moles from the actual students. Watch out for swirling clouds of confusion forming above the students' heads, signifying the presence of a nearby mole who is disrupting their learning. Carefully track the clouds to single out the student at the source (the affected students' confusion clouds will vanish after being away from the culprit for long enough), and expel the suspected interloper.

If your guess was correct, you'll see a giant Sabotaged! icon over the student's information panel. You can breathe a sigh of relief…for now.

Spy School: Course Requirements And Details

When you first start out in Blundergrad, you'll have to build the following rooms and hire the following staff to start the school year:

  • Gadget Lab
  • Lecture Theatre
  • Gastronomy Teacher
  • Spy School Teacher

Although these are the basics you need to kick off your year, you'll of course need the essentials for student life. These include dormitories, bathrooms, shower rooms, a staff room, and a student lounge at the very least. A training room would also benefit you greatly and allow you to train up staff, and what self-respecting spy academy would be complete without a research lab for upgrading all your bits of tech?

A library would also be a great choice, like on any other university campus. The Spy School Bookcase is a valuable resource for your swotty spy kids, and it can be unlocked for some Kudosh from the library item catalog.

Spy School Tips

  • Flushing out a mole doesn't mean more won't follow. Watch out for alerts from Agent Roach Burger, alerting you to keep your eyes peeled for some more confusion clouds in your midst!
  • Spies just want to have fun. Be sure to screen plenty of films and throw some Student Union parties to keep your students happy.
  • Don't underestimate the importance of decorating the campus grounds and hallways if you're lacking those attractiveness points.
  • Blundergrad is a cold environment. Staff and students will get chilly quickly, so be sure to install plenty of heaters across campus to avoid some very unhappy secret agents.

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