Twitter Users Are Having A Wild Time With The PlayStation 5 Logo

The PlayStation 5 logo was finally revealed, and it sure is something.

The PlayStation 4 came out all the way back in November of 2013. Ever since the announcement of the PS5, fans have been patiently waiting for any news on the console. Luckily, CES 2020 was the perfect opportunity for Sony Interactive Entertainment to show players what they’d be working on. We now know that that the PS5 will be released during this year’s holiday season and know about some specs concerning the system, like its SSD hard drive and 3D audio support.

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However, the best part has to be the logo reveal. The four on the PS4 is… definitely a five now. This isn’t totally surprising – the PlayStation logo has looked similar for what seems like forever. However, it was revealed with such fanfare that Twitter users couldn’t help but immediately poke fun at the design.

These users reenacted what we’re sure was all of our reactions to the reveal:

A few users speculated what was going on behind-the-scenes at PlayStation headquarters:

Last but not least, these Twitter users are just having plain ol’ fun picking at the logo:

It’s pretty clear Sony is happy with its  design. It hasn’t stopped its sales in the past and it likely probably won’t affect them in the future. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what other reveals the company has in store for us.

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