Twitch Streamer Receives Humiliating Text While Streaming UFC Fight

A streamer illegally showing UFC 246 last weekend received an awkward message during the event that was broadcast to everybody watching his stream.

Conor McGregor made a successful return to the octagon over the weekend, his first fight in well over a year. The Notorious One defeated his opponent Donald Cerrone in quick and impressive fashion, ending the fight in a mere 40 seconds. Anyone doubting whether McGregor is now a has-been had their criticism and doubt very quickly extinguished by the Irishman.

Hundreds of thousands of people will have tuned in to watch the 40-second fight last Saturday. However, not all of them will have done so legally. Chances are some of you reading this will have caught the fight on an illegal stream. Don’t worry, we’re not coming to get you. We’re here to highlight what can happen when you’re the streamer… aside from getting fined and arrested and such.

Streamer Skarrsworld was illegally showing the McGregor – Cerrone fight on Twitch. That effectively means he was broadcasting whatever was on his computer/phone screen to the world. So when he received a pretty awkward message from what appeared to be a family member, everyone who decided to watch the stream via Skarrsworld’s stream got an eyeful of his private life too.

“Denzel pressed charges on you so if you come around you’re getting […] until court day. Give your uncle the house key now I’m coming to pick […],” the message reads. Due to an ad popping up on the left-hand side of the screen, not all of the message is visible, lucky for Skarrsworld. Nevertheless, the streamer decided the world had seen enough of his dirty washing as he cut the stream soon after.

Skarrsworld was streaming the fight on Twitch, of all places. That might seem crazy since it’s illegal, but Twitch can’t police every channel all of the time. It relies on its users to report streamers should they be streaming illegally. The problem with that is people watching Skarrsworld’s stream on Saturday night would have done so to watch the fight, so why would they have reported it and had the stream shut down?

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