Twitch Prime Meets Rockstar Games For The First Time

Grand Theft Auto Online makes a lot of money. While there’s not a lot of numbers behind Red Dead Online, as it’s still surprisingly nascent, it’s safe to say it probably does pretty well for itself. Grand Theft Auto Online in particular does surprisingly well as a streaming game, so it makes sense to assume that there’s a pretty big middle-ground in the Venn diagram of Rockstar Online fans and Twitch viewers, which is why Twitch Prime is teaming up with Rockstar to give away some goodies.

This is mostly notable because this is the first time for Rockstar and Twitch to partner up. Here’s what you’ll get from being a subscriber and linking your two accounts.

Grand Theft Auto Online Benefits:         

  • GTA$1,250,000
  • Bonus GTA$ on all purchases of Shark Cash Cards


Red Dead Online Benefits: