Twitch Is Working On The Sudden Flood Of New Bot Accounts

Bots, bots, and more bots! Twitch is currently dealing with a bombardment of new bot accounts on its platform. This mass influx of fake accounts could lead to a lot of problems for the platform if not taken care of quickly.

According to the folks over at Dexerto, Twitch partner CommanderRoot tweeted out that over 4 million bot accounts had been created within a 24-hour span. Seemingly confirming that someone had found an “easy” way to mass produce them. This is an issue for Twitch streamers whose player count is based on engagement between the streamer and their following.

In response to CommanderRoot’s concern and an outcry from the Twitch community, Twitch dev RayApollo reached out to let people know that the platform was aware of the issue. He also assured everyone that the folks behind-the-scenes were working on fixing this problem. How exactly they plan to tackle such an issue is currently unknown.

Unfortunately, bot battles, which sound way cooler than they actually are, are no easy feat for the streamer. Even though bot accounts are generally identifiable by the mass string of numbers in their names, getting rid of them is not as simple. For now, it is a game of waiting to see if something can be done.

If Twitch is not able to quickly rectify this issue, they may see a drop in users. Many streamers are already fed up with the platform after the recent gambling fiasco. Streamers like Pokimane, Mizkif, and Devin Nash made their disgust with Twitch known after one user was able to scam over $200,000 from their followers in the name of gambling. This all led to Twitch readjusting its policy to ban unlicensed gambling sites.

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