Twisted Anime VN Nurse Love Syndrome Hits Switch This Week

Female-only visual romance novels Nurse Love Syndrome and Nurse Love Addiction both arrive on the Nintendo Switch today.

In Japan, there’s an entire genre of media called “yuri” which basically means stories involving lesbianism and homoerotic relationships between women. If you’re into that, then these latest two additions to the Nintendo eShop are going to be your new favorite games.

They’re both visual novels made by Japanese developer Kogado Studios. The first is called Nurse Love Addiction, while the second is called Nurse Love Syndrome. As you might have guessed, they both have to deal with women becoming nurses. Since only women become nurses in Japan.

In Nurse Love Addiction, you take on the role of Asuka Osachi, “a ditzy girl training to become a nurse at Teito Nursing School.” Asuka decides to become a nurse straight out of high school and finds that Teito Nursing School is the place to be for “bittersweet love between blossoming young ladies.”

Asuka will make great friends with everyone she meets and then wander down several branching story arcs. Where she winds up–and with whom–is totally up to you!

Here’s the thing: this game has a 93% rating on steam after it released back in 2016. That’s huge for any game, let alone a visual novel game. Even if you’re not into lesbian themes but are into visual romance novels, Nurse Love Addiction is worth a look.

The other game is Nurse Love Syndrome which puts you in control of Kaori Sawai, a recent nursing graduate that just got her first job at a hospital. Kaori has literal “healing hands” that can take away pain with just a touch. A near-death experience as a child game her the desire to become a nurse and the miraculous ability to heal wounds, so she sets out to make her dreams come true.

Accompanied by a quirky cast with over 20 different possible endings, Nurse Love Syndrome will feel like you’re playing a game about the ER. Only all the nurses are women.

Nurse Love Syndrome and Nurse Love Addiction are both available on the Nintendo eShop now.

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