Triangle Strategy: Chapter 8, Part 2 – Sleep With One Eye Open Walkthrough

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  • Side Story: Whiteholm Castle
  • Side Story: Wolffort Harbor
  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort
  • Exploration Event: Telliore Streets
  • Side Story: Falkes Streets
  • Combat Event: Telliore Streets
  • Chapter 8, Part 3 – Light And Shadow
  • Side Story: Norzelian Mountains: Base
  • Main Story: Falkes Streets
  • Side Story: Crown City
  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort
  • Main Story: Norzelia River: Bank

You'll reach this chapter of Triangle Strategy if you agree to Silvio Telliore's proposal in the previous part, hoping to form a strong alliance against the Aesfrosti invaders. Inevitably, things don't go exactly to plan and you're left wondering why you trusted the man in the first place.

As per usual, this chapter has items to collect and a tough battle to slog through – don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll walk you through the chapter step by step.

Side Story: Whiteholm Castle

General Avlora begs Gustadolph for another chance after her failure in taking Castle Wolffort. Gustadolph gives her this chance and sends her on another mission.

Side Story: Wolffort Harbor

Travis and Trish (from chapter one, remember?) discuss the bounty on Prince Roland's head.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Some of Silvio's more dastardly actions reach the ears of Serenoa and Benedict, who immediately start hatching a counter-plan.

Exploration Event: Telliore Streets

While all seems lovely and jovial, it's obvious that something is afoot. This event allows you to explore the streets of Telliore's demesne and prepare for whatever he has in store for you. Luckily, no one drank the wine!

As always, this is a chance to pick up items, learn some information, and get the lay of the land in preparation for the upcoming combat.

Items, Notes, And Information

Invigorating Spice On a round table near Erador.
Invigorating Spice x2 In the house behind Silvio, inside a barrel.
Ranged Icestone Walk through the waterfall at the bottom of the map, and then check the smaller falls on the right.
Iron x3 On the roof of the house behind Silvio.
500 Coins In the house near Frederica on the bottom level of the map.
1,100 Coins In the house near Anna.
Salt and Fish In the house behind the Tellioran Soldier with a Conviction Conversation.
Marvels of Norzelia, Vol. 5 In the house near Anna.
Marvels of Norzelia, Vol. 6 In the house near Frederica on the bottom level of the map.

Conviction Conversations

Conviction Conversation: Anna
Betrayal is naught but another path toward victory. If it comes down to a fight, we must win. Utility
As lord of House Wolffort, I have no intention of running from a fight. But I would prefer to do so without needless bloodshed. Morality
This is the path House Telliore has chosen to walk. Likewise, we must continue down the one we have chosen. Liberty
Conviction Conversation: Tellioran Soldier
You needn't worry. A kind soul such as yourself is bound to find a worthy companion in time. Morality
To gain something dear is both a blessing and a curse, for you now have something to lose. There are merits to living a bachelor's life. Utility
Some say marriage is a beginning; and others, an end. What say you? Liberty

Once you've explored all you can, it's time to head on to the inevitable battle.

Side Story: Falkes Streets

Before Silvio's treachery, however, let's check in on Landroi.

Before you head into the combat event, now is a good time to nab any outstanding Character Story recruits and train a little in your Encampment. You should have picked up a piece of Leather in the previous part of this chapter – it's a good idea to use this to upgrade Frederica's weapon and then get her the K.O. TP+ skill.

Combat Event: Telliore Streets

Unfortunately, your army will be split up at the beginning of this battle, and you have a very tough opponent in Rufus. This can be a tricky one, so think ahead about what stratagems you wish to employ.

Battle Overview

Recommended Level 12
Enemies Rufus, 5x Glenbrook Blade, 3x Glenbrook Pikeman, 2x Glenbrook Bowman, 2x Glenbrook Healer
Deployment Deployment Limit: 10 Units
Mandatory Units: Serenoa, Roland
Recommended Units: Anna, Hughette, Frederica, Medina
Objective Defeat all enemies.
Do not allow Roland to die.
Spoils Spider Silk
Medal of Bravery
Difficulty ★★★★☆ (4/5)

The most important thing about this battle is to make sure each group of units you deploy are balanced in what they can do. Take into account any nearby enemies.

Telliore Streets Battle Strategy

There are a few things you could consider when it comes to your unit layout at the start of this battle:

  • Pairing Frederica with Julio is always great if you have the latter. He can restore her TP and turn her into a fire-slinging machine.
  • The pair of tiles in the corner of the map are good starting points for units that can get out of danger quickly like Anna and Hughette. Alternatively, you could place Hossabara here if you have her and intend on using her – this will let her get over to Serenoa and Roland quickly and heal them up without much danger.
  • Place archers on the upper level so that they get a damage bonus when shooting units on the lower level (i.e. Rufus)

You should note that this battle features three Pikemen as enemies. These units will deal extra damage against mounted units such as Roland and Hossabara, so make them your first targets. Remember, if Roland dies, it's Game Over.

You'll definitely need some good healing output at the top of the map with Serenoa and Roland. They're likely to take a lot of damage in the first few rounds of battle. Don't skimp out on the Recovery Pellets and be safe rather than sorry.

If you have promoted Serenoa, his Sweeping Slash ability will be great for hitting multiple enemies when he inevitably gets surrounded. Use this to your advantage once you're confident that he won't get killed on the enemies' next turns.

Anna can take advantage of the big height differences on this map with her Surmount skill. Use this when you can take advantage of it, especially if you can surround enemies or strike them with poison.

As for dealing with Rufus, you should be get a sense of what type of unit he is just from the way he acts. He's a brute, through and through. He's a strong physical attacker with a very powerful Armor Break skill that you really don't want him to target Roland with. Or anyone, really.

He also has the nasty Bolster, a skill that restores his TP and raises his physical attributes. You'll want to be very wary of him and heal up whenever he uses this.

Try countering his physical might with Uninvigorating Spice and powerful magic spells that target his far lower magical defense. He's also not immune to Poison, so get Anna on that sharpish.

This battle is front-loaded with difficulty. You'll have a difficult time keeping your units alive as they get surrounded by enemies and picked at by bows, and when Rufus enters the fray it gets a bit stressful.

Once you've finished off a few enemies, though, the pressure lifts significantly. Focus-fire some soldiers at the beginning of the fight, and then deal with Rufus. After he's gone, you can mop up the rest.

The Lightwave Quietus is great for getting a unit out of immediate danger. This is a great ability to have for emergencies in general, but it shines here.

With that over, Silvio and Rufus somehow get to live another day. But Serenoa and Roland are alive and well, and that's all that really matters. Onward!

Chapter 8, Part 3 – Light And Shadow

Chapter Eight isn't over just yet! There is a third part – but as it does not contain any combat or exploration, we're including it in this walkthrough simply to go over the events within.

Side Story: Norzelian Mountains: Base

Silvio and Rufus reunite after their disastrous plan has fallen apart.

Main Story: Falkes Streets

In a thrilling scene that we wish we saw more of, Landroi and General Avlora meet on the battlefield.

Side Story: Crown City

Avlora reports to Gustadolph after her victory.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Benedict and Roland hatch a devious plan that will shake things up.

Main Story: Norzelia River: Bank

We're back with Travis and Trish as they make a startling discovery.

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