Triangle Strategy: Chapter 2 – To Arms, Brave Warriors Walkthrough

The second chapter of Triangle Strategy introduces a few new concepts. The first is exploration events, short scenes where you control Serenoa as he goes rooting through strangers' possessions for items and learning more about his philosophical convictions.

The chapter also features a fun battle against individuals from one of the other Norzelian countries, and the strategic aspect of the game gets a little deeper as it prepares you for the challenges to come.

Exploration Event: Castle Wolffort

Chapter Two thrusts you immediately into your first exploration event in Triangle Strategy. This is an opportunity to relax for a while and talk to your allies and NPCs. There are items to be found as you explore each location, and some characters will give you Conviction choices.

Today, you'll be exploring the outside of Castle Wolffort intending to locate Lord Dragan. You can talk to him without ending the exploration – you don't actually have to talk to him at all to progress – you can only end the event by pressing the Plus button.

In this walkthrough, every exploration event will be paired with tables showing what items you can acquire, Notes and Information you can learn (stored in the War Chronicle), and Conviction choice outcomes you can get.

Items, Notes, And Information

1x HP Recovery Pellet In the bucket on the top tier of the map, near the stairs.
1x HP Recovery Pellet At the top of a cliff next to a house on the top tier of the map.
1x HP Recovery Pellet Next to a tree on the middle tier of the map.
1x HP Recovery Pellet Inside a house on the bottom tier of the map.
300 Coins Inside a house that Frederica is standing near.
Marvels of Norzelia, Vol. 8 Inside the house behind Anna.
Marvels of Norzelia, Vol. 8 Inside the house behind Anna.

Conviction Choices

Conviction Choice: Frederica
To know a town, you must take time to relish her company. That's what Erador told me, in perhaps more colorful words. Liberty
It is the port at the center of commerce. A town built on taxes, but not at the expense of fair trade. Utility
Wolffort is nestled safely behind the castle walls. It is a town at peace, and sets an example for the rest of the kingdom. Morality
Conviction Choice: Child
Take care not to hurt yourself. Your father wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you. Morality
Ah, one of my favorite games. Barrels were always my favorite places to hide. Liberty
It takes a clever mind to hide. Perhaps you can use that cleverness to help your father when you're older. Utility

Once you have explored to your heart's content, hit the Plus button and witness the banquet scenes at Castle Wolffort.

Side Story: Whiteholm Castle

This event features some family drama between Roland, Frani, and their sister, Cordelia. It also introduces the mysterious character of Maxwell.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Serenoa, Frederica, and Dragan chat about politics and family in this event. You'll get a Conviction choice thrust upon you:

Conviction Choice: Dragan
It is the first step towards true harmony among our three nations. I welcome it. Morality
It will benefit all nations involved. I see nothing wrong with that. Utility
It is impossible to understand each nation's motivations. I can't say whether this bodes well. Liberty

Dragan will prove himself a lightweight, and then it's onto the next scene featuring Lord Symon and Benedict.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

In this event, you'll get a first look at the Scales of Conviction, an item that will be very important in the future.

Main Story: Whiteholm Castle

This event introduces you to Frederica's half-siblings. They're not very nice.

Once the event is over, you will have access to the Smithy in your Encampment. At the Smithy, you can trade Coins and materials for upgrades to your character's weapons. These can be as simple as attack increases or grant entirely new passive abilities.

Some recommended Smithy upgrades for the characters you currently have to hand are:

  • Serenoa: Weapon Damage Up I
  • Frederica: Clear Skies, Fire Damage Up
  • Geela: Weapon Damage Up I, HP Up I
  • Erador: Physical Defense Up I

Exploration Event: Whiteholm Castle

This exploration event is largely similar to what you experienced earlier in the chapter. There is a difference, though – this event introduces the ability to learn Information from NPCs.

Pieces of Information are very important as they can be used to sway characters to your viewpoint during a Voting Event. They will be essential for making sure you get to choose the story path you desire.

This grand banquet is full of people to talk to, but before you're able to explore, Roland asks you a question.

Conviction Choice: Roland
Have more faith in yourself, my friend. You, too, shoulder the future of the kingdom, after all. Morality
This is no time for self-pity. A prince's subjects mustn't hear him talking that way. Utility
…Come. Preparing for the tourney will take your mind off your worries. Liberty

With that out of the way, Roland and Hughette will join your party officially.

  • Roland is a great spear-wielding warrior on horseback. He has high mobility, and his weapon can reach two squares.
  • Hughette is a hawk rider, which means she can fly up to any height. She's also an archer, and flying up to a high position will improve her damage output.

Now we can explore and pick up what we need to.

Items, Notes, And Information

2x Sleep Recovery Pellet On the round banquet table.
150 Coins In the bushes near Roland and Hughette.
The Ministry of Medicine Talk to Sorsley, who is at one of the banquet tables.
The Holy State of Hyzante Talk to Clarus, who is at one of the banquet tables.
The Ice Mage Talk to the Glenbrook Soldier at the top of the stairs near the banquet.
The Captured Smuggler Talk to the Aesfrosti Soldier standing by a shrub near Thalas and Erika.
The Archives Talk to the Glenbrook Noble in the corner of the map near the banquet.
The Grand Duchy of Aesfrost Talk to the Stout Hawkshield standing at the railing near Thalas and Erika.

Conviction Choices

Conviction Choice: Geela
It may be but a tourney, but defeat will bring shame upon us. I intend to do whatever I must to win. Utility
Our house fights with honor. There shall be no tricks, but we will offer our opponents no quarter. Morality
You handled yourselves admirably when the bandits attacked. I expect your magic will be key to our victory. Liberty
Conviction Choice: Benedict
It's a chance for our three nations to gather and celebrate. Although the battles may be bloodless, victory is sweet all the same. Liberty
In times of peace there are precious few chances to display martial prowess. I mean to remind people of House Wolffort's legacy. Utility
It may appear to be mere entertainment, but reputations are at stake. If we show weakness, then it will be noted by all in attendance. Morality

Once you have everything you need, it's time to start the tourney!

Combat Event: Whiteholm Castle

This tourney is only a mock battle, but it's a mock battle that you have to win. After all, you can't let Hyzante embarrass you! After some preamble about the structure of the event, you'll get right down to it.

Battle Overview

Recommended Level 3
Enemies 1x Sorsley, 1x Exharme, 4x Hyzantian Rogue, 2x Hyzantian Pikeman
Deployment Deployment Limit: 8 Units
Mandatory Units: Serenoa, Roland
Objective Defeat all enemies.
Spoils 1x Large HP Recovery Pellet
1x HP Ring
930 Coins
Difficulty ★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

This battle is a little step up from the tutorial battle back in Chapter One, but it's still not too tough. This battle is when you're introduced to the Battle Preparation menu. Here, you can decide the placement of your units and even head to the Encampment for last-minute shopping if needed.

I recommend having a few HP Recovery Pellets, as Geela may struggle to heal everyone effectively during this battle – it's a very small battlefield so your weaker units won't have many places to hide.

Whiteholm Castle Battle Strategy

One of the first things you should do is rearrange your units. The important tips here are as follows:

Keep Erador central so he can draw as much damage as possible.
Serenoa and Roland fill out the front line since they're your main damage dealers without ranged attacks.
Put Geela in the center of the back row to ensure she's able to reach any units in need as the battle moves forwards. Keeping her in the back gives her a better position, defensively.

Erador should spend every other turn using Provoke, catching as many enemies as possible within the area of effect. This will draw attacks to him and away from your squishier units, like Frederica and Geela. Keep him topped off with Cure Wounds or Recovery Pellets and he'll prove himself incredibly useful.

Note, however, that Exharme is immune to Fury, as well as Blindness – so don't bother trying to blind him with Hughette. Sorsley, however, is vulnerable to both Fury and Blindness.

Since he's riding a horse, Exharme has an inbuilt vulnerability to spears that makes the weapon deal more damage to him. Of course, Roland has the exact same weakness, so be very wary when trying to take advantage of it. Exharme can give as good as he takes.

Sorsley has the Slumber Stab ability, which has a chance of putting its target to Sleep. This would obviously be a terrible fate for an integral unit, so remember that you should have picked up two Sleep Recovery Pellets in the previous exploration event!

On small battlefields like this one, Frederica shines with Scorch thanks to its area of effect. Try to aim her spells at any groups of bunched-up enemies for huge damage. As a bonus, hitting three or more enemies with the same attack will grant you Kudos!

Anna can attack twice in one turn, which is an extremely helpful skill to have when setting up multiple follow-up attacks. Just place Anna on the other side of an enemy that you're already next to, and you can squeeze four attacks out of her! With backstabs, this ends up being a ton of damage and a ton of Kudos. Just note that Hughette cannot perform follow-up attacks.

Once the battle is over, revel in your victory and watch the following scenes. Unfortunately, you don't get to control the battle against the Dawnspear – but it's probably for the best. Oh, well. At least that is chapter two of Triangle Strategy complete!

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