Triangle Strategy: Chapter 11, Part 1 – Should You Defend Or Surrender The Roselle?

There's never a dull day for Serenoa. Now, he must choose whether to save or surrender the Roselle living within his demesne. In most games, the decision would be so obvious that the characters would default to it, leaving behind the idea of shunning those under their protection entirely.

But Triangle Strategy isn't most games, and even manages to present a sound argument for remaining in Hyzante's favor at the cost of a people's independence. What should you do? For starters, you ought to be aware that this is another decision that will substantially impact future events. And then you should read on to find out how to secure that choice lends adequate weight on the Scales of Conviction!

Main Story: Central Hyzante

Serenoa's been dealt a heavy hand. Benedict is ever the utilitarian.

Side Story: Whiteholm Castle

Gustadolph praises one Mean Twin and insults the other. Harsh.

Side Story: Crown City

In the Crown City, that bewitching dancer pops up once again, this time for a chat with one "ruined" Silvio.

Main Story: Central Hyzante

Serenoa catches up with Frederica and Roland, who have gone to Hyzante to see the way the Roselle are treated at the Source. When the guards won't budge, Roland decides to improvise upon Serenoa's arrival. Cheeky lad.

Exploration Phase: The Source

Chapter 11: Part One centers on Serenoa's experience at the Source and how it may (or may not) affect the decision you'll help him make. We'll cover everything we found among the salt as well as the pair of Conviction-related decisions you can make in the game's latest Exploration Phase.

Items, Notes, and Information

Stone Close to the Rosellan hard at work near Frederica.
Movement Bangle Near Frederica. Make sure you grab this one!
Cure-All Pellet Round the corner close to Roland.
1000 Coins Search the platform on the back side of the Goddess statue.
Quality Stone Right in front of the Goddess statue.
Ranged Recovery Pellet To the left of the Quality Stone.
Grounding Amulet Round the corner near Frederica. Another super-rare find.
1700 Coin Near Roland.
Register of the Roselle Climb to the uplifted floor where the Goddess statue is erected and search to the right.
The Roselle in the Holy State of Hyzante Find the Rosellan deep in prayer to the left of one who is raking salt and southwest of the steps to reach the Goddess statue.
Saintly Seat Left Vacant Western corner of the map.

Conviction Choices

There are a pair of characters with whom to gain Conviction score through here at the Source. One is Frederica, and the other is a Hyzantian soldier.


Choice Outcome
They do not think the Roselle human. That is the only way a nation arrives at such cruelty. Adds to Morality score.
I would love to set them free, but they are under constant watch. It would be nigh impossible. Adds to Liberty score.
I understand how you feel, but we musn't look away. We have to use this opportunity to learn all we can. Adds Utility score.

Hyzantian Soldier

Choice Outcome
The nature of one's birth does not enter into it. We are all born the same. Adds to Morality score.
And you have the purity they lack? I see before me a man like any other. Adds to Liberty score.
Salt has brought prosperity to the Holy State. Why rely solely on the Roselle when everyone could aid in the harvest? Adds to Utility score.

Main Story: Encampment

The team is deeply unsettled by their findings at the Source. But will it be deep enough? Let's find out.

Voting Phase: Castle Wolffort

Unlike last time a vote was held, you won't be able to venture out into town before getting down to business. Your exploratory measures were taken back in Hyzante, after all. Alas, this means no itinerant merchant with time-sensitive good this chapter; at least it means you can hang onto some cash.

On the other hand, there's nothing stopping Serenoa from skedaddling on over to the encampment if you have the funds to purchase more upgrade materials from Lionel (the merchant) and have Jens (the smith) work his blacksmith magic on your team's weaponry. At this point, there's a chance you'll be able to increase several characters' Weapon Levels to Two.

Additionally, Archibald (the Kudos trader) might be able to promote a few classes. Don't get nervous if you aren't able to get a bunch of units up from Recruit to Veteran at this point – medals are still tough to come by right now.

Participant Leanings
Defend the Roselle Frederica, Roland, Erador
Surrender the Roselle Benedict, Anna, Geela
Undecided Hughette

Best Method to Ensure the Roselle's Defense

Hughette, being the only undecided voter, is naturally a good choice for pushing things in your favor if you would prefer to come to the aid of the Roselle rather than turn them over to Hyzante's clutches. If your Conviction score is high enough, she'll be an easy sell. If not, your best bet is select your second dialogue option the first time she asks Serenoa a question, followed by the first dialogue option when she asks something of him again.

Best Method to Surrender the Roselle

If you have 'The Might of Aesfrost' information, head to Erador instead and pick the second choice, at which point you can bring this up and likely push him to your side. If you lack this information for whatever reason, Hughette is again the most sensible option to push, but feel free to try your luck with Roland as well. (Convincing Frederica here would take a miracle.)

If you're actively pursuing Triangle Strategy's Golden Route, the "best" possible ending (technically subjective, but it's the nicest outcome overall), you must protect the Roselle. Surrendering the Roselle sunders your chances entirely going forward.

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