Triangle Strategy: Chapter 1 – A Young Hawk Soars Walkthrough

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  • Introduction
  • Main Story: Wolffort Harbor
  • Combat Event: Wolffort Harbor
  • Side Story: Whiteholm Gate
  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort
  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Triangle Strategy is a huge, sprawling RPG with a ton of content. While it starts off on the easier side, the difficulty ramps up quickly and you're forced to think hard about what kind of strategies you want to employ in battle.

Thankfully, the introductory chapter is great at easing you into the game's flow. You'll meet quite a few of the principal characters, get to take part in your first bout of combat, and get acquainted with the game's complicated Conviction system.


After the introductory scenes of the game, you will be brought to the World Map. Here, you'll select the story that you want to view. The majority of the time, this will just be the next Main Story event, but sometimes you'll be able to witness Side Stories.

Side Stories are optional and serve to provide you with more detail and lore about the characters, history, politics, and lore of Norzelia.

At the beginning of the game, you will have access to only a few options in the main menu:

  • Roster allows you to check out your party. Here, you can view their stats and skills, and equip them with accessories.
  • Inventory allows you to see every item that you currently have.
  • War Chronicle lets you read any of the Notes, Information, and Tutorials that you have picked up over the course of the game. It also lets you view your Path Traveled, which is useful for catching up on the events of past chapters.

You can tell what type of event lies behind an icon by the symbol next to it.

A red icon on its own without a symbol is a cutscene.
A red icon with crossed swords next to it is a combat event. It will also feature the recommended level for your units.
A red icon with a magnifying glass next to it is an exploration event where you can pick up items and talk to NPCs.
A red icon with a set of scales next to it is a voting event. These dictate the flow of the story.
A green icon indicates a side story.

To continue, select the Main Story icon over Wolffort Harbor.

Main Story: Wolffort Harbor

In this event, you will meet Frederica and Geela as they arrive in Glenbrook for the first time.

Combat Event: Wolffort Harbor

During the short cutscene, you will be given a prompt and you have three choices for how to answer. This is part of the game's Conviction system. As you play the game, Serenoa will develop his Convictions for three different philosophies: Utility, Morality, and Liberty.

At many points in the game, you will be required to answer a question in a way that develops one of these Convictions. Your Conviction levels will affect the characters you can recruit and how easy it will be to convince characters to go along with your choices – which is very important at certain points.

In this walkthrough, Conviction choices will be presented in a table with the answers arranged as they are in the game. We will also tell you which Conviction each answer relates to, though you will not be able to see this information in the game itself until much later.

Conviction Choice: Rugged Bandit
Who are you, exactly? A band of common brigands, from the looks of it. Utility
You needn’t know who. Surrender now and we can resolve this peacefully. Morality
You two bear a striking resemblance. Might you be father and daughter? Liberty

Once you've made your choice, it's not long before the battle starts.

Battle Overview

Recommended Level 2
Enemies 1x Travis, 1x Trish, 5x Bandit Rogue, 1x Bandit Bruiser
Deployment Mandatory Units: Serenoa, Benedict, Frederica, Geela, and the Blond, Blue-Eyed Man
Objective Defeat all enemies.
Spoils 1x Large HP Recovery Pellet
2x Iron
800 Coins
Difficulty ★☆☆☆☆ (1/5)

As the first battle of the game, the battle in Wolffort Harbor is really easy. It serves as an effective tutorial for the game's combat system, though, so read those pop-ups thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the concepts. Even if you're an SRPG veteran, Triangle Strategy has its own quirks such as elemental puddles and its TP system for skills.

Wolffort Harbor Battle Strategy

This battle introduces some simple concepts that you should be trying to take advantage of at all times. One is that you will get a boost to your damage if you can attack from a higher level. The Blond, Blue-Eyed Man starts off on the stairs at the back of the stage and is in a perfect position to try this out.

Serenoa and the Blond, Blue-Eyed Man are your strongest units here, so make sure they're kept at the front lines. They can take a beating quite well, and you have Geela for healing. She should be using Cure Wounds every turn she gets.

You'll notice that some actions, such as attacking from a height or performing a follow-up attack, will grant you Kudos. This is a special currency used for purchasing incredibly useful special abilities later in the game. Try to accrue Kudos whenever you can.

As bosses, Travis and Trish aren't all that threatening. Travis can disrupt your positioning with Backward Toss, but that's just more likely to leave him open for follow-up attacks with the space created. Trish is an archer, but her attacks will glance off you more often than not.

Once you have dealt with the generic bandits, it's very easy to surround the leaders and get them multiple times with back attacks and follow-up attacks. They should go down pretty quickly.

An important thing to learn early on is that your area of effect skills will not harm allies. This means that you can freely target Frederica's Scorch spell wherever you want – it won't harm your allies.

Once you have won the battle, a small scene will play in which the mysterious stranger will reveal himself to be Prince Roland. You will also be confronted with another Conviction choice.

Conviction Choice: Frederica
If it is not too forward of me to say so, I find it most beautiful. Liberty
I find your courage more noteworthy than your appearance. You held your own out there on the battlefield. Utility
I think it nothing to be surprised about. We have Roselle living in our very demesne. Morality

After this, Frederica and Geela will officially join your forces and you will return to the World Map.

  • Frederica is a mage who specializes in dealing fire damage.
  • Geela is a very proficient healer.

The Encampment menu will now be available to you. This is where you'll do most of your shopping, and all of your weapon upgrading and such.

Side Story: Whiteholm Gate

This event introduces Prince Frani, Roland's older brother, and a whole host of other significant characters from the three factions of the game. You will also meet Hughette, a future party member who wields a bow and rides a hawk.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

In this scene, you will meet Anna and Erador. This will quickly join your forces.

  • Anna is a dagger-wielding spy who can attack twice in one turn
  • Erador is a tank who can draw the attention of enemies.

Further scenes deal with the upcoming festivities.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

This event introduces the current Lord Wolffort, Serenoa's father, Symon. Once this has finished, you will have finished the first chapter of Triangle Strategy!

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