Tower Of Fantasy Players Are Annoyed With Misleading Item Descriptions And Translation Errors

One of the most annoying video game tropes you can come across is when you loot a boss' weapon after defeating them, only to find out that it is significantly nerfed in your hands. Said boss could literally destroy worlds with it, but when wielded by you, the once mighty weapon is little more than a bonk stick. However, there are plenty of in-universe or game balancing reasons for this, so – while annoying – it's understandable. What isn't understandable is when a game straight-up gives you wrong information about an item.

Such is the case with Tower of Fantasy. As pointed out by PCGN, the game's subreddit has a few complaints about item descriptions varying between the rewards preview version and the actual item. For instance, Yuuwa pointed out that the Samir Matrix preview shows that a two-piece set gives you a 1.5 percent attack buff for two seconds, while the actual version gives a 1 percent buff for only 1.5 seconds. The four-piece set bonus is something different entirely. This is understandably frustrating, as you're getting a completely different – and in this case, weaker – item after hours of grinding for it.

This isn't a one-off case, unfortunately. A thread reply by Tankulator, with over 370 upvotes at the time of writing, has listed 13 other discrepancies with the game, including item descriptions, translation mistakes, and balancing issues. We haven't yet checked these out for ourselves, but the number of upvotes and the sheer amount of comments agreeing with these observations suggests that they could be genuine. A few of these issues have been fixed, but there are a lot more to contend with.

"At this point, no one will know what anything in the game does anymore, until people go and test every little detail themselves," they said. "Seriously, how is the localization team so incompetent? Someone should compile all instances of mistranslations or wrong/missing/misleading descriptions. I'll start with what I know."

A few comments pointed out that the large number of translation errors could mean that the game was not localized by a dedicated team of translators and devs, but simply by translating it via a tool of some kind and pasting whatever it spat out. Given the number of complaints in the comments, this does seem probable.

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