Tower Of Fantasy: All Travel Log Locations In Navia

There have probably been times when you're exploring a certain region in Tower Of Fantasy, and you're stuck at 99 percent completion — missing that one thing you just can't find anywhere. Travel log locations can be the most common things you'll miss while exploring Aida, as these aren't displayed on the map with any markers.

Navia is the third region that you'll pass through as you progress in the story. There's a huge flying palace in this area that belongs to Dr. Claire. Thankfully, all four travel log locations found in this area are located below, and you won't have to reach the palace for them.

Travel Log Location #1

Fortunately, all the scenic points (travel logs) on Navia are located close together. This is because it's a relatively smaller area, with the palace taking up a lot of space. For the first log, head over to the Spacerift to the south of Navia Bay.

Once you're there, look towards the east and you'll see a huge cliff. The goal is to climb these rocks and reach the top, where you'll find the required travel log. Make sure you use the thrust from the Jetpack to give you a small boost.

Travel Log Location #2

Head back to the Spacerift south of Navia Bay, and you'll see a small trailer when you look in a northwesterly direction. This trailer is home to a Supply Pod that can be unlocked using a passcode after you defeat the enemies outside.

Right beside this trailer, on the edge of the cliff, you'll see the travel log, It'll capture some beautiful scenery, give you exploration progress, and 20 Dark Crystals.

Travel Log Location #3

For the next travel log, you need to have unlocked the Spacerift just above the Seventh Day Forest. If you don't have access, you can cross the bridge from the first Spacerift below Navia Bay. This is going to be the harder way to go, because you have to climb a lot more.

From the Spacerift above Seventh Day Forest, look in a northern direction and you'll see a tower above a massive mountain. Climb this tower, and you'll find the travel log at the top.

Travel Log Location #4

For the last travel log in this area, keep heading north from the third log until you find a satellite tower. You'll find the last travel log just beside this tower. Make sure you don't fall down, and keep heading north while staying as high up as you can.

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