Tower Of Fantasy: All Travel Log Locations In Banges

Exploration progress in Tower Of Fantasy is divided between regions, and every region has its own progress criteria. Banges is the second region that you'll reach in the game, after you've advanced a certain part of the story. While this can be cheesed, a Jetboard is required to reach Banges.

This region is spread out across a big chunk of land, and is the only region that has six travel logs. Claiming the rewards after interacting with the travel log contributes to your exploration percentage, and you can't reach 100 percent without getting all of them.

Travel Log Location #1

While this is the region with the most amount of travel log points, most of them are in a straight line, and you can get them if you follow the right path. To start this, teleport to the Spacerift on the southern end of Banges, near the shore.

Once you're there, head towards the Shelter to the north, and climb the rocks behind it. You'll find the first travel log sitting on a rock, which will capture a picture of the shelter for you.

Travel Log Location #2

Next, open your map, and you'll see a Training point right above where you are. These are indicated by a special marker on the map. Head over to the location, and then towards the northeastern cliff.

You'll find the second travel log looking out at the broken roads in Banges. This is located atop the cliff, so make sure you don't fall — you'll have quite an annoying time climbing back up.

Travel Log Location #3

For the third travel log, you need to head to the cluster of broken roads in the middle of Banges. When you look at the map, you'll see a broken road pointing towards the left, below Banges Farms. This is the highest road in the area.

When you reach it, you'll have to use your Jetpack's thrust to climb this road. You'll find the travel log at the very top, along with a Supply Pod.

Travel Log Location #4

Next, head back down to the road leading towards Banges Dock. As you're following the road, you will find the fourth travel log on the edge of the broken road, east of the dock. This is hidden inside the fence, so you might miss it if you're not careful.

Travel Log Location #5

For this travel log, head up to the northern side of Banges Dock until you reach Banges Tech. Here, you'll see a small wooden bridge on the left side of this area. This is between a bunch of rocks, and can be fairly easy to miss.

Climb the rocks, and you'll get to the point on the bridge. For an easier time climbing without draining your stamina, you can try to click on the button to jump down, instantly follow it with a double jump, and then grab the rock again.

Travel Log Location #6

There are two ways to acquire this final travel log, but if you want to avoid climbing, you can simply head to the Banges Omnium Tower and glide directly towards the location shown in the picture above.

Once you're at the location, you'll see it's surrounded by a bunch of bears. It's on a huge cliff, so it'll take you a long time to get there if you start at the western Spacerift and make your way to this location on foot.

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