Tomb Raider Is Coming To Rainbow Six Siege…In The Form Of New Elite Skin

I guess there were some die-hard Tomb Raider fans that just wouldn’t touch Rainbow Six Siege unless Lara Croft was in it. In a strange bit of corporate synergy, Ubisoft has announced that one of Siege’s operators (Ash) will be getting an elite skin based on the popular Tomb Raider franchise. That doesn’t really look tactical, but what do I know?

The new skin was unveiled during The Six Invitational in Quebec this past weekend. It was a part of the two-year roadmap shown for Siege and will be available “soon after” the next season launches. The skin will be a part of “Operation Void Edge” and should be released alongside new operators Oryx and Iana.

Ubisoft wasn’t talking price, but other elite skins can be purchased with in-game R6 credits. In a nice touch, Lara comes with a unique victory animation, has custom weapon skins, a unique charm, and a skin for her breaching rounds. Ubisoft really is paying a lot of attention to detail for this, though it’s still a little strange to see Tomb Raider in such a tactical setting.

Despite a rocky launch, Ubisoft has done an incredible job maintaining and improving Rainbow Six Siege. It does still lack a traditional single-player component, but the game is possibly the best multiplayer shooter currently on the market. After five years, it has a tremendous amount of content and a ton of different options to cater to different fans.

Crossovers like this typically work by pulling in different fan bases, though I’m not sure Tomb Raider fans are looking for a complex, methodical shooter. It’s not like Lara Croft hasn’t had a new entry in a while, either. Square Enix has done fine with the recent Tomb Raider trilogy, though the last game was a bit of a dud.

Ubisoft is no stranger to collaborating with Square Enix, though. Final Fantasy XV featured a quest and skin based on Assassin’s Creed: Origins, which in turn had one based on the J-pop band simulator. It looks like that East meets West vibe is something the two companies are going to continue for the foreseeable future.

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