Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Now Available, Enjoy Tiny Sam Fisher

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad brings pretty much every Tom Clancy character except Jack Ryan to mobile for a teeny tiny shootout.

Those looking for the next Splinter Cell game will have to be a bit more patient, but at least Elite Squad will let you control Sam Fisher once again. Along with pretty much every other Tom Clancy character ever created.

Elite Squad is a mobile game. Yes, that’s not exactly a selling point for most of us, but maybe you’re tired of Clash of Clans and you’ve got an enduring love for Ubisoft’s shooters. If that’s you, then Elite Squad might just be the game for you.

The story of Elite Squad is pretty simple: a big bad evil organization called UMBRA is fixing to take over the world, and it’s up to the Elite Squad to stop ’em. To do that, all the good guys from every Tom Clancy game franchise ever made are teaming up. That includes folks from Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, and even the short-lived arcade-style combat flight sim franchise HAWX.

Gameplay is pretty simple. Two squads of five agents line up in real-time battles and start shooting each other. It’s a battle of attrition, with each tiny character’s health bar slowly descending as they get shot. You can change positioning and use agent special abilities to heal, throw up defenses, toss grenades, call in airstrikes, or perform quick assassinations, but the level of interaction is limited compared to the games where each of these Clancy characters is coming from.

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Elite Squad is more about management than anything else. Loadouts level up as they gain experience and can be kitted out with upgradeable weapons and equipment. Each character has a special trait and class which will determine how they fit into any given squad.

There’s a single-player campaign mode as well as a multiplayer mode called “Arena” where you can take your squad against someone else’s in a head-to-head battle. There’s also special missions you can embark on in Event Mode to earn some extra rewards, like energy, intel, and even more characters.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is free to play with the usual assortment of microtransactions to make progress faster or give you more crafting materials. You can download the game now on Google Play or the iOS App Store.

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