Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: How To Defeat Salissa

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The zany, fantasy-themed Borderlands spinoff, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is chock-full of unique and powerful foes to slay; and loads of potent guns, spells, and melee weapons to achieve this with. While the campaign is memorable in its own right, there are many fun and fruitful extra activities. One of the most notable is a sidequest during the latter part of the game, called The Ditcher.

This quest yields great rewards but requires adventurers to defeat a very powerful boss to finish it. This ancient serpent-god, known as Salissa, can be both unpredictable and brutal if you're not prepared. This guide will serve as a blueprint covering her characteristics and the best line of attack for defeating her. It will also outline the quest leading up to her.

How To Complete The Ditcher And Reach Salissa

In order to reach and defeat Salissa, you'll need to initiate the side quest known as The Ditcher. This quest can be unlocked upon finishing the eighth chapter of the main quest —The Son of a Witch. To get The Ditcher, speak with Izzy in Brighthoof. She can be found in the soda bar.

Sunfang Oasis—where the boss Salissa lurks—resides in the final portion of the overworld. It's just a bit northwest of Karnok's Wall. It appears on the overworld as a temple on a cliff, with palm trees scattered around it.

The Ditcher Quest Objectives

Below is a list of the key quest objectives and details illustrating how to complete them.

The recommended level for completing this quest and fighting Salissa is around 26.

  • Find and open treasure chest
    • Just beyond the zone entrance, which holds a few vendors — approach a large object resembling a tomb, at the foot of the tree in Chestward Locks, and open it.
  • Talk to mysterious individual
    • Speak to the "Mysterious Vagabond" standing next to the open chest. He'll scold you for the curse you've laid upon the lands by opening it.
      • Kill irate Coiled
        • Several Coiled will appear, including a Badass holding a shield. Deal with them and you're prompted to speak with Gerritt.
      • Talk to Gerritt
        • He can be found at the nearby temple staircase just beyond where you fought the Coiled. You'll run into various enemies as he escorts you to the throne room.
        • Find and clear out throne room
          • After fighting your way through the temple, you'll come across a glowing spring sitting near some stairs — Salissa's Eternal Wellspring. This is the throne room, where you must slay a handful of Coiled enemies. Talk to Gerritt again once prompted. He will escort you to the next location.
            • Collect (five) seawarg hearts
              • Head a bit south and fall down the waterfall. Keep heading south, to Aorta Lagoons, where various Sandeater sharks will be waiting. Slay them and collect the hearts in the area.
              • Once finished, you'll need to keep going south, to Everfrost Icetomb.
              • You'll be prompted to bury the sewarg hearts inside holes surrounding the icetomb.
            • Kill vizier of Sand, Air, and Fire
              • Head back to the north, where you'll find more Coiled foes as well as the Viziers of Sand, Air, and Fire. These creatures are similar to typical Coiled, though a bit tougher. Each creature is located in a different area.
              • From the Everfrost Icetomb, you'll need to navigate the ruins and town to the south to find the Vizier of Sand.
              • You'll need to go southeast to "Ssserpentia Sssettlement" to find the Vizier of Air. They are found within a circular temple atop some stairs.
              • You'll need to go southwest, through the ruins and at the entrance of a temple in Vizier's Watch to find the Vizier of Fire.
                • Pick up battle standard of sand, air, and fire
                  • These can be picked up as loot after each Vizier is defeated.
                • Return to Everfrost Icetomb
                • Place Coiled battle standards
                • Shatter ice
                  • You'll be able to smash the ice crystal once the battle standards are placed.
                  • Go to Shrines of the Goddesses
                    • Head across the zone, past Ssserpentia Sssettlement, across the bridge leading north. Keep traveling to the northeast of the map.
                    • Talk to curator
                    • Enter the shrine
                      • After speaking with the curator at the entrance, she'll escort you straight ahead to the shrine.
                      • Leap into darkness
                        • You'll notice a vast pit in the center of the shrine with a waterfall. Drop into this pit. It will lead to an underground lair called Wonder Well.
                          • Find sand, air, water, and fire crystals
                            • ​​​​​​​The first three can be found scattered throughout this lair. The Sand Crystal is in the east corner of the room.
                            • Head up the broken platform pillars to reach the Air Crystal on the south end.
                            • Finally, use the purple energy fields to propel yourself to the platform just across the way. This is where you'll find the Water Crystal.
                          • Defeat Avatar of Hephasia and pick up fire crystal
                            • This Coiled beast will emerge once these other three crystals are obtained. Defeat her and her minions to obtain the Fire Crystal.
                            • Find the way back to reality
                              • Jump into the celestial abyss beyond the opening in the wall just to the south. You'll be transported back to the Shrine of the Goddesses.
                              • Place sand, air, fire, and water crystal
                                • ​​​​​​​Place each on the glowing symbols in the four corners of the room.
                                • Talk to the curator
                                • Escort curator Ssylix
                                • Protect Curator Ssylix/Salissa
                                  • Continue to follow Ssylix outside the temple, where a few Coiled enemies will spawn. Defeat them quickly. This will free Salissa's mind.
                                    • Find labyrinth entrance
                                      • Head across the zone to the west
                                    • Find and place missing keystone
                                      • It's hidden behind two barrels just to the right side of the temple entrance.
                                      • Speak incantation
                                      • Navigate labyrinth
                                        • Follow the walkways going north and slay the Coiled foes in the way. You'll soon find a pathway that drops into an underground arena with glowing red eyes on the wall, and a magic bident standing in the center.
                                        • Take bident
                                        • Defeat the Heartphage
                                          • A Coiled beast will emerge, along with a few Badass Assassins and a Shadow Spearman. Defeat them and claim their bounty of loot.
                                          • Return to temple
                                            • Exit the area and head eastward back to the temple (Salissa's Eternal Wellspring) you were at earlier.
                                              • Jump in geyser
                                                • The geyser will launch you upwards into a sand arena; the location of the Salissa battle.
                                              • Place bident
                                                • Place the bident at the designated location on the glowing pedestal. The final boss fight of the quest, Salissa, will commence.
                                                • How To Defeat Salissa

                                                  This ancient god can be tough to beat if you're not prepared. She's highly offensive during her first phase, while her second phase yields more hazards, more minions, and requires you to destroy a forcefield to even deal damage. She also scales at least one or two levels ahead of you regardless of your current level.

                                                  Salissa has two phases represented by a blue and red health bar. You'll want to use shock weapons for the blue bar, and fire weapons for the red bar. They're not required, but it takes much longer to whittle down her health without them.

                                                  First Phase

                                                  During the first phase, Salissa summons geysers straight out of the ground, which will blast you upwards if in range of them. She'll also raise a massive rock that emerges out of the ground and produces electric waves of AoE damage.

                                                  Stay relatively close and keep moving side to side, while continuing to fire at her head with shock weapons. You might also want to try running straight back and forth while doing quick sharp turns to evade the geysers and rocks. If going in for melee or close shotgun strikes, be sure to retreat, as she will hit you with her staff, and this can inflict quite a bit of damage.

                                                  Don't focus too much on her minions, but be sure to keep a couple alive for the purpose of Death Saves. One or two good hits can drop you in a hurry.

                                                  Second Phase

                                                  During the second phase, Salissa will reappear in the center of the area inside a water orb. She'll also summon two sharks, which need to be slain to wipe out her protective water orb. Once the Left and Right sharks are defeated, the fight becomes a bit easier, especially if spamming fire weapons.

                                                  Get ready to evade projectiles here, as she'll shoot balls of lightning and emit pools of electrified water on the ground. The geysers, while less frequent, will continue as well. Additionally, she'll summon large ice spikes that emit shock pulses, so keep your distance from those when possible. She'll shuffle around somewhat, but mostly she stays in place.

                                                  Being equipped with some sort of shock-resistant gear, as well as a potent, fast-recharging Ward, is very helpful here.

                                                  After she's defeated, the quest is nearly completed, and you'll be able to pick up a plethora of great loot.

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