TimTheTatman’s Fall Guys Win Didn’t Count

TimTheTatman became a meme this week after he couldn’t win a single game of Fall Guys. Now that he has, others are accusing him of cheating.

Considering the number of people who have played Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout over the course of the past few weeks, we shudder to think how many shows have been played. However, for many players, Crowns continue to be incredibly hard to come by. Players earn Crowns in Fall Guys by winning shows, and that is more difficult than it seems.

TimTheTatman proved that over the last couple of weeks as the streamer tried and tried to pick up his first win. As his fellow streamers collected crowns for fun, Tim’s frustration continued to mount. In comparison, DrLupo discovered this week that he is statistically the world’s best Fall Guys player. Mediatonic awarded a costume to the world’s best player, and DrLupo was the one who found it among his other virtual outfits.

Before that, Tim brought his excruciating wait for his first crown to an end. The show ended with a tense round of Hex-A-Gone and eventually, Tim was the last one standing. His plight to become a winner had garnered so much attention by that point that even the Fall Guys Twitter account was in on the joke. However, in the days that followed, the Fall Guys community decided Tim cheated to win.

Tim was playing alongside fellow streamer Nadeshot, and those who have seen his win are claiming his teammate threw the game. “People are saying my Fall Guys win doesn’t count because Nadeshot threw,” Tim tweeted. Nadeshot has replied by saying he did nothing of the sort. “I didn’t throw, I just didn’t cut you off on 2 levels of Hex-A-Gone when we were the only ones on those levels,” he said in his defense.

There’s no question that players who compete as part of a party have an advantage over others in certain rounds. They can help protect a tail or block others from crossing the finish line. In this case, it doesn’t really seem as if there was any wrongdoing. However, Tim has vowed to win another Crown and do so without anyone in his party to avoid further accusations.

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