Time On Frog Island: How To Fix Your Boat

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The beginning of Time on Frog Island has you wash ashore, unsurprisingly, on a new land inhabited by a bunch of frogs. Your boat is wrecked and your beloved plant is missing. So what are you going to do?

Well, you're going to need to find parts to fix up your ship and reclaim your plant from the nearby froggy artist. Some are easily found nearby, but others aren't as simple to get ahold of. This guide is going to go over everything you need to know.

How To GetThe Planks

This is super easy, you can simply find planks floating in the water nearby. Grab one at a time, approach the ship, and press the button to place them. You'll need to do this twice.

How To Get Your Plant

Now, what about your potted fern? To the left of your shipwrecked boat is a frog artist using it as his painting subject, but he won't let you simply take it.

Grab the bottle from the shoreline and take it to the artist to trade for the plant. You'll need to attempt to take your plant back before the frog will let you trade the bottle.

Later on, once night falls, you'll need to remove the plant from your boat so that you can place it beside the campsite (just east of your boat), as you won't sleep without it.

You'll also need the roll-up bed found near your wrecked boat, and three pieces of wood for the fire, which are also found nearby, just to the right of the campfire.

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How To Get The Sail

On the first day, go to the farm and grab one of the blue fruit. Place it near your camp ready for the next day.

If you don't do this, you'll have a slightly longer way to get the sail.

You'll need to be on the second day to get the sail, when the Artist has started a large new canvas. Speak to them and they will tell you that they will swap it for a blue grub. The problem is, to get a blue grub, you'll need a blue fruit.

If you heeded our tip, you can simply grab the blue fruit from your camp. If you didn't, you'll find the farm has no fruit from the second day onwards as it's been besieged by crows. Don't worry, we've got instructions on how to get blue fruit here. If you have one already, skip to the blue grub part.

How To Get A Blue Fruit

Blue fruit grow on the farm (you may have noticed them on your first day) but the farm is now plagued by crows and the fruit is all gone.

Head east from your boat, past the unfinished house, and along the shoreline, cutting across any rivers heading inland, and just sticking to the beaches beside the sea.

When you reach the bench area, cut across it and then continue to follow the coastline, heading across the little sand dunes, and following the edge of the land to East Island.

When you hit the rock face, head north to go around it and then go back down south to find a little beach with a tadpup and one of the scarecrow heads.

You can only carry one thing at a time, and while it's the scarecrow head we need right now, first grab the tadpup, take him up the rocks, and let him down (drop him further north a bit, or he simply rolls back down onto the beach).

Go back and grab the frog head and the tadpup will follow you/head back to the village of his own accord. He's needed for another request.

Head back the way you came and return to the farm (north of your campsite). Place the head on the scarecrow in the northwestern farm section.

You'll have to wait until the next day for the blue fruit to return, but now you don't have to worry about the crows.

Grubs don't come out in the rain, so you'll have to wait until the next sunny day if it's raining when you choose to do this.

Crows don't appear in the rain either, so rainy days are a chance to grab fruit without the scarecrow.

How To Get A Blue Grub

Head east from the campsite until you find the fruit trees with grubs surrounding them.

Place the blue fruit on the ground, move back a little, and wait for a grub to eat it, after which it will turn blue. Then, simply grab the blue grub and return to the artist with it.

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How To Get The Rope

Head northwest from the Artist's house, across the pond with lilliepads, and you'll find the Fisherman frog on the cliff edge. He'll be willing to swap his rope for a feather. Speak to him again to find out the Axolotl Chief has the feather.

Go to the frog village (north of the farm) and speak to the Guard. He'll want you to take a love letter to the Artist for him.

Deliver the letter and the Artist, who will give you a letter to take back to the Guard in return.

Deliver the letter and the Guard will stop guarding the Chief, so you can explore this little closed-off section whenever you like.

Speak to the Xhief a couple of times and he'll ask for a wet flower in exchange for the feather. You'll need to wait until a rainy day for this.

Just to the right of the chief is a training dummy. You can steal the head from the dummy to put on one of the Farmer's scarecrows.

How To Get A Wet Flower

When it's raining, head to East Island — you can follow the same directions as above (where we said to find the tadpup and scarecrow head). Directly east of the sand dunes in the sea are some flowers.

Grab one of the flowers. (If you come on a sunny day, these are sunflowers instead.)

Return to the Chief and give him your flower to claim the feather.

Next, go back to the Fisherman and trade the feather for the rope.

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How To Get The Wheel

Head into the froggy village north of the campsite and past the farm. From the second day onwards, you'll see a wheel on a merchant cart, but you can't just take it.

You'll want to talk to the purple Merchant frog, but they're too busy running around looking for their tadpup.

If you didn't find it already, you can find the tadpup on the southern beach of East Island, beside a scarecrow head. (See the above section on how to get a blue fruit for more in-depth directions.)

Once you've reunited the Merchant with their tadpup, you can finally ask about the wheel.

The Merchant will ask for a lamp in exchange for the wheel. Speak to her again and she will tell you the Hermit has the lamp.

Head out of the eastern path of the village and then loop around and follow the northern path up the hill above the village.

It's up here where you will find the Hermit. Once you reach the pond on the mountain, the Hermit can be found slightly northwest of it.

When you try and speak to him, he'll tell you he doesn't like the bell ringing. Looks like we need to solve this problem first.

From this area above the village, go to the left past the Hermit's house, and jump down to the church roof and take the bell away.

If you mistime the jump and land on the roof, just jump up the rocks on the right and try again.

Drop down into the frog village and then head back up the mountain to speak to the Hermit, who is now peacefully meditating.

Ask him about his lamp and he will ask you for an Ice Brew.

How To Get An Ice Brew

Head into the frog village and on the eastern side is the tavern, head inside and speak to the Tavern Keeper to find out about Ice Brews.

He'll tell you that you need to get an Ice Flower from the snowy mountaintops to make it, but before you head there, you'll want to take a detour to the north of East Island.

In the northern section of East Island, there's a purple cube crystal. Grab this and return to the main island with it.

If you sleep at a campfire with the crystal, it seems to disappear and respawn at the northern end of East Island (that's what happened to us). So to be on the safe side, do this in one trip.

Take the eastern path out of the frog village and then up the northern path. When you reach the Hermit's pond, take the path leading up the mountain to the right of it and follow this up into the snowy mountain area.

Eventually, you'll come across a closed gate — this is where you want to insert the purple crystal as it will open the gate.

Once through the gate, keep traveling to the highest point of the mountain but jumping on the stones. Eventually, you'll get to the top where there are some Ice Flowers you can grab. Take one and head back to the village.

Go into the tavern and speak to the Tavern Keeper. He tells you to put the Ice Flower in the brewing machine on your left, after this, he tells you to wait until tomorrow.

To brew additional Ice Brews in the future, you will need more than just one Ice Flower.

Wait until the next day and return to the Tavern, use the red lever to pour the Ice Brew.

Grab the Ice Brew and take it to the Hermit — in exchange, he will give you his lantern.

Take the lantern to the Merchant, who will then happily give you their wheel.

You can then return to your ship to place the wheel, but unfortunately for you, in doing so you will break your rudder. Time to find a new one!

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How To Get The Rudder

Head into the frog village and speak to the Blacksmith in the west of the village.

He will happily make a new rudder for you, but he'll need some ore to do it.

Take the eastern path out of the frog village and continue heading east, past the Carpenter's house.

The cave is hidden just north of the path, as shown below.

Head inside and grab the ore, then return to the Blacksmith and give it to him, after which he will tell you to wait until the next day.

Return to the Blacksmith, grab the rudder and take it to your boat. Don't forget to grab your plant and put it on the boat and then everything will finally be in place!

Once you have fixed up your boat and obtained all the items, as long as it's not raining, you can set sail! That will be the end of the game and the credits will roll.

Once you return to the title screen, you can choose 'Continue' to return to the island and carry on with the life-sim elements, such as building your house and doing farming.

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