Thymesia – How To Defeat Sound Of The Abyss

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Thymesia has a pretty short main campaign consisting of only four bosses. However, if you delve into the varied and wonderful world of Sub Quests, you will stumble across several optional boss fights. These bosses are all interesting in their own right, and they are well worth hunting down.

Sound Of The Abyss is one such boss, and it can be found lurking in the Royal Garden. It is a humongous cave worm that has gorged itself on blood for far too long, and it’s up to you to put an end to it. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll quickly realise that you don’t want it to get any bigger.

Sound Of The Abyss' Overview

Sound Of The Abyss, otherwise known as Experiment One, is quite the sight to behold. It’s one of the largest bosses in Thymesia – possibly equalling that of the God Of The Fools. Like that boss, Sound Of The Abyss is more of a gimmick than a real threat, and you can beat it fairly quickly once you know the knack.

Sound Of The Abyss' Attacks

Being a big worm, Sound Of The Abyss doesn’t have many attacks, and the ones it does have, are not exactly varied. For the most part, it’s going to try and hit you with its oversized head, and that’s about it.

Attack Explanation Counter
Ceiling Slam Sound Of The Abyss hits the ceiling and crystal shards start to fall onto the battlefield. The location where shards are going to fall is marked on the ground in red. Just move to somewhere not coated in red, and you are good to go. Beware of the final red mark (it’s large) and run out of its radius immediately.
Head Slam Sound Of The Abyss rears back and slams its head on top of you. Sometimes, Sound Of The Abyss will do this twice. This attack has AOE splash damage. Just as Sound Of The Abyss is about to hit you, long dodge away to avoid the hit. If Sound Of The Abyss is not preparing to do it again, then you can counter by running to the crystal pustule on its neck and attacking it. Remember to use your Claw to deal permanent damage once some of the White Bar has been depleted. Once the crystal breaks, you can attack the open wound and deal damage to Sound Of The Abyss directly.
Sweep Sound Of The Abyss goes to one side of the arena and then sweeps along to the opposite side. We have not found an effective way to counter this attack, and 99% of the time, we just got hit. You can try and dodge, or run away, but taking the hit is not a big deal – just heal. Sound Of The Abyss will be stunned after this attack, and its neck will be exposed (like with head slam). Run up, and attack the crystal pustule. Once the crystal breaks, you can attack the open wound and deal damage to Sound Of The Abyss directly.

Phase Two

Phase Two is where things can go wrong pretty quickly. Sound Of The Abyss will start slamming its head on either side of the battlefield, causing the arena to shrink and crystals to fall. He will do this four times, and if his head hits you, you are instantly killed. Try to stay in the middle of the arena to avoid it.

Sound Of The Abyss will collapse in exhaustion after doing this, and leave its mouth exposed to an Execution. Trigger the animation and win the fight.

Recommended Talents

Because Sound Of The Abyss is more of a gimmick fight, we don’t have many Talents we can recommend. As a minimum, Long Dodge should be taken as it will help you avoid Sound Of The Abyss’ head slam attack. Long Claw is also very handy for dealing damage once you have depleted some/all of its White Bar too.

Battle Strategy

The strategy here is to avoid taking as much damage as possible. It’s fairly easy to avoid the Head Slam, but the Sweep is a pain. If you do take a chunk of damage, use a potion and stay topped up. Of course, in Phase Two, if you are hit, you just die, so avoid that at all costs.

In terms of attacking, Sound Of The Abyss is vulnerable on both sides of its neck. You won’t have time to destroy a pustule in a single round of attacks, so make sure you alternate your combos between Sabre and Claw. This ensures you are dealing with permanent damage and you aren’t wasting your time.

Continue this alternation once you start attacking Sound Of The Abyss’ open wounds, as again, Sound Of The Abyss won’t die in a single cycle. That being said, Sound Of The Abyss does not have a lot of HP, and it should only take around four cycles to kill once you’ve shattered its pustules.

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