Thymesia – 8 Talents You Should Unlock First

Gaining power in Thymesia can be achieved in a number of ways. In fact, if you want to be successful at purging the world of plague, death, and despair, you are going to need to use them all. This could be crafting new, more powerful alchemical substances, spending Memories to gain new stats, or learning new Plague Weapons.

The most impactful way to gain power, however, is through the learning of new Talents. Talents are immensely powerful upgrades that unlock new attacks, defences, and passive abilities that make overcoming the game’s challenges that much easier. There are a lot of Talents to choose from, however, so it can be a tad overwhelming.

How To Gain Talent Points

Talent Points are gained every time you level up. Levelling up is tied to how many times you increase your base stats using Memories. Basically, every time you gain a point of any stat, you gain a Talent Point.

Each Talent costs one point, and they can be reset at will. This means you are not locked into any given build, and you can swap out Talents freely to experiment with new ideas.

Which Talents Should You Unlock First

There are SIX Talent Trees in Thymesia, and most trees have incredibly powerful Talents that can be locked right out of the gate. Here are the ones you should consider first.


Healing Execution is a must-take. So much so, that we would say it should be your first investment. One rank in this Talent will heal you and restore Energy every time you Execute an enemy. The amount is directly proportional to the strength of the enemy you are fighting. This drastically increases your longevity in Thymesia. A second rank doesn’t increase healing and can be delayed.

Sharp Weapons is another excellent Sabre Talent. Each rank increases your Sabre damage. This is just a straight upgrade, and since you will be using your Sabre as your primary form of attack, there is no reason not to take this.


Precise Deflect is the best Talent in this tree. It increases the damage you inflict when deflecting enemy attacks, which is excellent at every stage in the game. This is substantially better than the ‘easier deflect’ alternative.


Step Jump should be a Talent you pick early. It gives you a new way to deal with Critical Attacks, and it is simply outstanding. It combos with other Talents, and it is much more powerful than simply using Feathers.

Long Dodge gives you a second dodge that sends you substantially further than a single dodge. It is an excellent ability that can be used to close – or create – distance.


Short Claw changes your otherwise-slow Claw attacks into an eight-hit lightning-fast combo. Further upgrades provide a stacking Offensive Buff that, once maxed at five (achieved in less than a full combo!), all of your Short Claw attacks will heal you on contact. Short Claw is outstandingly powerful and should be an early take.

Gliding Claw is a natural extension of Step Jump. It allows you to deal incredible amounts of Claw damage when you are airborne. Since Step Jump launches you into the air, this gives you a powerful punishment every time an enemy tries to land a Critical Attack.


The best Talent in this tree has to be Plague Wounds. It has three ranks and you should endeavour to get at least one rank as quickly as possible – although maxing it would be better. Plague Wounds increase the time it takes for enemies to start healing. This makes boss fights in particular much easier as you don’t need to be as aggressive to come out on top.

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