This Week In Overwatch: Teething Issues And Musical Chairs

Overwatch is dead. Long live Overwatch 2. The sequel has already garnered more than 25 million players so we’re going to keep a close eye on what this burgeoning community gets up to. From early bugs to progression woes and players not playing the damn game properly, here’s everything of note that happened in Overwatch 2 last week.

Launch Issues

Every game has bugs at launch, but in a competitive team shooter, ultimates being broken are a cause for concern. Cassidy’s High Noon looks bugged, as it completely missed its targets in some player’s games – not very deadeye cowboy of him.

As well as missing sure shots, a bug has been discovered that lets Sombra players get inside the payload. This glitch allows you to teleport underneath and get all up inside it. You can still shoot at enemies outside but the payload acts as protective armour making you invincible. Just pop her locator on the track, wait for the payload to roll over it, and voila, push to your heart’s content. Granted, if you do this, you’ll probably end up with a ban.

One D.Va bug is so powerful it launches her from the game into another lobby entirely. Nerf that. Also, Lucio’s Snow Fox skin may be a bit too flashy, as others can see the frosty fog effect coming off his boots through walls.

Heroes Come And Heroes Go

New support hero Kiriko has finally been added to the competitive pool following a two-week absence to allow everyone to get used to the new game. She was still available to play in other modes – as long as you had Overwatch 1, bought her through the premium battle pass, or grinded the standard pass up to tier 55 – but she was kept out of competitive to give the pros time to adjust to hero tweaks.

However, Blizzard giveth and Blizzard taketh away. Torbjorn and Bastion were removed from the game briefly due to glitches that made them too overpowered. They should be coming back this week. The Bastion glitch allowed him to fire off his ultimate constantly for its eight-second duration, and Torbjorn's Overload ability was lasting twice as long as intended.

New Game, Same Old Fans

Overwatch 2 is free-to-play, which some think justifies Blizzard shuttering the original. It doesn’t, but here we are. Some Overwatch 2 players think the community is actually more toxic now than it was before. With more players being able to dip their toes in without any investment at all, it is possible that more are taking part just to troll others.

One issue with the current player-base is that no one seems to want to play support. One of the players in my group mains both Moira and Lucio, and I can feel it when he chooses to switch things up and go DPS for a game or two. He’s frequently the only healer on our entire team. It’s lucky he’s so good, but it seems even Kiriko can’t convince Overwatch players to be support.

Corporations Suck

Overwatch 2’s launch had so many dire issues, from long queues for games and progression transfers to frequent disconnects to DDOS attacks, that Blizzard offered a double XP weekend to say sowwy. A second starts on October 28, and another on November 24. There’s also a legendary Reaper skin up for grabs if you log in anytime before October 25.

The company has also had to reduce the Cleaning House weekly challenge from 20 to ten team kills. 20 is an astronomically high number to expect from people when it’s easier to coordinate ferrets than Overwatch players.

So many battle pass issues are mounting that players are actually pining for the return of loot boxes. Loot boxes! It’s like being stabbed so many times you wish you could go back to being shot instead.

And finally, some stores have been spotted selling copies of the original Overwatch, a game that no longer exists. You may think you played it, but you didn’t, it’s gone. Overwatch 2 has risen from its grave. I mean that. The sequel occupies the same space in your hard drive that the first Overwatch did.

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