This Temtem Item Makes Breeding Even Easier

Using this item can drastically improve your Temtem breeding experience.

So we’re all aware that Temtem is basically like Pokémon, right? That means a lot of the same mechanics have been cloned over from the Nintendo franchise.

But not every mechanic. Breeding Temtem works a lot differently than in Pokémon. You still need a male and female Temtem in order for the babies to start coming, and those Temtem need to be of the same type, too. However, where any given pair of Pokémon can breed forever (and some Dittos certainly have), Temtem can only breed a certain number of times before they go fallow.

Temtem have a “Fertility” stat that ranges from 0 to 8. A Fertility stat of 8 means that Temtem can breed 8 times before it can’t breed again. Every time that Temtem makes a baby, their Fertility goes down by one. Once it hits zero, the party is over. Furthermore, every baby made inherits the declining Fertility stat of the parent. So if a Temtem has a Fertility of 6, after it breeds it will have a Fertility of 5, and so too will the baby.

While Temtem breeding has a lot less randomness involved than Pokémon, creating the perfect Temtem requires some planning. A Temtem’s Fertility stat has to be considered during the whole process in order to prevent the tamer from breeding themselves into a corner.

You can get more info on the breeding process in our Temtem breeding guide here. You can also see a handy chart to keep you on track to making the perfect Temtem here.

There is one item that can make this breeding process a little easier. It’s called Fertility Essence, and it does something incredibly simple and incredibly useful: it increases a Temtem’s Fertility stat by one.

It’s not cheap, but giving your Temtem some extra Fertility can keep them breeding longer, and it if it already has good stats, it can also help shorten the breeding process to getting your ideal Temtem. One Redditor did the math and found that a Fertility Essence is worth about 8.6 Temtem in your journey to creating a perfect Temtem.

Fertility Essence isn’t available until later in the game, so don’t expect to use them until you’ve gotten some experience as a tamer.

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