This Mod Lets Geralt Snowboard Through Skellige In The Witcher 3

Y’all like Geralt right? The infamous monster-hunting Witcher has become somewhat of a cultural icon. He started out as the hero of a series of cult-classic fantasy novels before transitioning into one of the most popular video game protagonists of all time. Now almost everyone knows the white-haired near-immortal hunk. Especially since he’s played by former Superman actor and PC gaming aficionado Henry Cavill on The Witcher Netflix series.

So with all of his fame and fandom, you would think that there would be no way for Geralt to be any more of a suave ladykiller than he currently is. Oh, but you’re wrong. Because up until now, you haven’t seen him with a snowboard. And that’s about to change.

Magnificent, isn’t it? Just when you thought Geralt had reached the pinnacle of his badassery, he hops on a board and starts shredding some serious powder. Eat your heart out Shaun White.

Unfortunately, being a top tier winter athlete isn’t officially part of The Witcher canon. This is a new mod for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which allows Geralt to quickly slide his way down the snow-covered hills of Skellige. Along with that, the mod also gives him some sweet looking goggles and even lets him wield his snowboard as a weapon to fend off bandits and beasts. Gnarly.

Snowboarding games haven’t been all that plentiful in recent years. There was once a time during the great extreme sports boom of the late 90s to early 2000s where we got all sorts of them. 1080 Snowboarding, Cool Boarders, and of course, SSX Tricky. But the only notable downhill winter sports game that’s released in the past few years was Ubisoft’s Steep, which didn’t turn many heads. It’s fine, but it’s got nothing on Dark Summit.

While a snowboard may lack the personality of your faithful steed Roach, it certainly looks like a lot of fun to ride if it runs smoothly. Hopefully, with Geralt hitting the slopes and Tony Hawk returning to show us that games about people doing tricks on pieces of wood can still be rad, maybe the snowboarding genre will rise again. Perhaps CD Projekt Red should just forget about that silly Cyberpunk game and get to work on making a Witcher snowboarding spin-off instead.

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