This Jurassic Park Fan-Game Made Entirely In Dreams Looks Like The Real Deal

A dedicated team of Dreams creators are creating a first-person Jurassic Park game that looks to combine first-person shooting with exploration around a recreation of the park.

You might remember from some time ago that one Dreams player had managed to recreate the iconic scene of the T-Rex roaring in the rain. As it turns out, that tease was a small part of a much larger fan-game called Jurassic Park: Operations, a first-person experience that was made entirely in Dreams by a group of creators called Genetic Games.

After teasing the project for some time over on Twitter, the team at Genetic Games has finally released the first trailer for Operations, giving us a look at what has to be one of the most impressive pieces of works within Dreams to date. The trailer shows various locations from the park while voiceovers from the first movie play, giving us a glimpse at how detailed the recreation of the park is.

We also get to see various shots of gameplay, which seem to mix first-person driving, shooting, and exploration sequences together, both in more peaceful settings like the River Adventure, and significantly more dangerous ones like the T-Rex attack. The trailer sadly doesn't contain any kind of release date, but the project seems to have been in the making for nearly two years now, so seeing it in such a completed state is encouraging.

This trailer is the first extended look at Jurassic Park: Operations, but it's not the first. The project was actually announced at least two years ago according to this Reddit post, while a teaser trailer for the game was shared last year alongside a playable demo. Twitter user Krenautican, one of the lead devs working on Operations, has also been sharing progress on the game through their Twitter account for some time.

Genetic Games stresses that Operations isn't associated with Universal in any way, but it looks so impressive and true to Jurassic Park that it might as well be. We've seen some impressive things made in Dreams over the years, from lifelike train stations to forests, but a full fan-game on this scale is seriously impressive.

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