This God Of War Mod Replaces Kratos And Atreus With Rick And Morty From The Ragnarok Advert

A modder has replaced Kratos and Atreus in God of War with Rick and Morty from the recent Ragnarok advert.

Rick and Morty had its sixth season premiere earlier in the week, kickstarting another era of Pickle Rick memes. Although reactions to the first episode have been largely positive, one of the more interesting things to come out of it was actually a Rick and Morty and God of War Ragnarok crossover advert that had Rick shaving his head, painting his face, and wielding The Leviathan while Morty gets attacked by crows with a toy bow and arrow.

As you might expect, God of War fans have already responded to the advert by modding this version of Rick and Morty into 2018's God of War. Modder Omega Fantasy, whose work in God of War we've featured several times on the site before, showcased the mod on their YouTube channel, which is overlaid with dialogue from the advert and with some general quotes from the show.

The video shows Ragnarok Rick (Ricknarok?), who has been modelled after the advert with a shaved head and red paint on his face, alongside Morty, who has thankfully been given an actual bow to use this time around. Rick's model is especially impressive considering it's a unique design based on the advert and had to be specifically modelled around that.

One funny detail with this mod is that both Rick and Morty have unblinking eyes and constant smiles on their face that never change or move. Morty's head is also surprisingly massive and seems to clip through objects in the environment, although having a big head is pretty consistent with his character design, so we'll say it's purposeful.

Although the mod seems to be nearly complete from what was shown in the trailer, Omega Fantasy describes it as a "teaser" for the full release, which hasn't been given a date yet. When it launches, it'll be available through their Patreon page.

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