This D&D Gingerbread Dungeon Is Edible And Guarded By Gummy Bears

Some adventurers have found themselves in a strange land inhabited by guard Gummy Bears and Oreo Beholders. Also, the walls are made of gingerbread.

No, this isn’t the start of a Brothers Grimm tale. What you’re looking at is a gingerbread dungeon, which might just be the most festive way to play Dungeons & Dragons we’ve ever seen.

From Reddit user atomfullerene comes this delightful tale of how he and his pals combined baking and a love of snack foods with D& D. The edible dungeon is built on a bed of gingerbread, while the walls are constructed out of graham crackers. The mortar for the graham cracker walls is actually icing sugar, while the walls themselves are topped with various forms of candy, such as M&Ms, candy corns, and Mike & Ikes.

The mobs are sculpted marshmallows. Oreo truffle Beholders provide a bit more of a challenge, and Sour Patch Kids and various forms of gummies make up the waves of trash mobs that the adventurers will have to deal with. The gusher Gummy Bears are of particular note as they “explode” on death, dealing damage to adjacent enemies.

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Since this is just a single encounter, the Fifth Edition rules are slightly modified. Health and magic are kept track with HP and MP (instead of spell slots), with the rules pared down to make them a little more accessible for the players. Also, pacing is an important factor when dealing with a candy dungeon crawl; going more than 4 minutes without being able to eat a mob is cause for a player revolt.

This isn’t the first time atomfullerene and company have made a gingerbread dungeon. They did the same thing last year, with mixed success. The D&D rules got in the way of the snacking, so this year they decided to make things simpler to keep the snack train moving. It looks to us like they were successful this year.

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